Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 5 Plot

Dialect found the contact information of the grandmother Liu Guixiang’s son Zhao Xicheng, and persuaded him to take his mother home to live. Zhao Xicheng forbid her to be nosy, and hung up the phone before she finished talking.

When Huang Zili learned that Wang Junyi was undergoing an operation, he came directly to the operating room to ask him about the crime. Seeing the photos taken on his mobile phone, he was even more sure that Wang Junyi was secretly taking pictures of him and the dialect. After Wang Junyi’s operation was over, Huang Zili called him to the rooftop. He was beaten violently, Wang Junyi was enraged, and the two men fought.

Dialect and her colleagues came to Liu Guixiang’s house again and found that she had forgotten to turn off the gas. Thanks to them finding out in time, otherwise it would cause a catastrophe. Dialect persuaded Liu Guixiang to live with her son Zhao Xicheng. She was used to living alone and did not want to cause trouble for her son. Dialect suggested She went to live in the nursing home. Liu Guixiang politely declined. The dialect wanted to throw away the rubbish all over the floor. Liu Guixiang desperately tried to stop her, claiming that they were all her treasures, and forcibly expelled them from the dialect.

Director Yu gave a severe lesson to Huang Zili and Wang Junyi. Wang Junyi was beaten with a bruised nose and swollen arm. He insisted on performing heart surgery on the patient and installing a pacemaker. Director Yu asked him to check the wound. Huang Zili took the initiative. Asked to perform surgery on Wang Junyi, Director Yu checked his hand injury and asked him to perform surgery on the patient.

Huang Zili explained the situation to the patient’s family that she could not afford the pacemaker imported from Germany, and asked Huang Zili to find a cheaper pacemaker for her wife. Huang Zili recommended a domestically-made pacemaker, whose performance is not comparable to the imported one Up and down, the size is much smaller, and the price is more than 10,000 yuan cheaper. It is in short supply in the medical market, but the hospital warehouse does not have a peace of mind pacemaker.

Huang Zili accidentally saw his old classmate Fan Zhipeng come to pay back the money, remembering that he was engaged in medical equipment. Huang Zili begged him to help him find a pacemaker, Fan Zhipeng took out 20,000 yuan in cash to return to Huang Zili on the spot. This scene was seen by the hospital colleagues Doctor Jia and Hu, who misunderstood Huang Zili’s acceptance of bribes.

Zhong Qing vomited bitterness to Zhao Wendi and turned out photos of Huang Zili exchanging mobile phones with dialects. Zhao Wendi felt that this did not explain the problem, so she asked her to ask her in dialects. Zhong Qing wanted to divorce Huang Zili. Zhao Wendi kindly persuaded her. Advise her to think twice. Once Huang Zili divorces, she will definitely find a better man than him. Zhong Qing just wants to raise her child by herself and take good care of her father.

Huang Zili successfully completed the operation. He returned to the empty home alone, feeling very lonely, and ended up sleeping on the sofa. As soon as Huang Zili went to work, he reported to Director Yu the causes and consequences of beating Wang Junyi yesterday. Director Yu also felt that Wang Junyi’s actions were improper, but Huang Zili should not be impulsive to beat others. Director Yu received a call from Corey and learned that Wang Junyi was beaten to a fracture. Adding a concussion gave Huang Zili a severe lesson. The dean called Director Yu to learn about Huang Zili’s beating.

Director Yu desperately protected Huang Zili and took the initiative to bear all guilt. Huang Zili was very self-blame. The hospital finally decided to punish Huang Zili and Wang Junyi accordingly. Wang Junyi refused to give up and threatened to make Huang Zili apologize at the general meeting of the hospital, otherwise he would never end with him. Grandma Liu got her son to sue her in dialect and condemned her for encouraging her to live in a nursing home.

Doctor Hu revealed to Wang Junyi that Huang Zili replaced his patient with a pacemaker. He was very annoyed. Doctor Hu recorded the whole process of Huang Zili beating Wang Junyi. Wang Junyi was going to sue Huang Zili. Last night, the old man who had a pacemaker had chest pain and bleeding. Huang Zili felt that the patient’s symptoms were strange. He hurriedly took out his case and found that the examination data in it was not perfect. Huang Zili immediately called Wang Junyi to confirm that Wang Junyi has not been Answer the phone.

At the same time, Zhang Jian and Director Yu accompanied Dean Li to visit Wang Junyi. Dean Li persuaded him to give up prosecuting Huang Zili so as not to have a bad impact on the hospital. Wang Junyi promised not to prosecute Huang Zili and wanted to leave the hospital immediately. Back at work, Dean Li praised him very much.

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