The Heiress – 女世子

The TV series “The Son of the Daughter” is directed by You Dazhi and starring Jiang Chao, You Jingru, Wang Anyu, Tang Mengjia, Wu Chao, Cao Li and Zheng Guolin. The play mainly tells the story of Dingguo’s daughter, Han Yuanniang, who had to be raised as a boy since she was a child because of the murder of her twin brothers. She grew up as the elder son, Han 11, and guarded Han Jiajun, but she was accidentally involved in the court after entering Beijing In the struggle, there was a story of love, hatred, and hatred between Chen Yanyi, the fifth prince, and Wang Zhongyu, son of the prime minister.

Dingguo’s son died early. In order to stabilize the military power and ensure that the Han family army in the north would not be affected by the court, Dingguo’s eldest daughter Han Wonniang replaced his twin brother Han 11 as the Dingguo’s son. Han Shiyi portrayed his image of a romantic, lustful, unlearned dude, but unexpectedly became a companion to the fifth prince Chen Yanyi. After the “being stationed” in the five princes camp, he helped the five princes make plans and strategies to seize the crown prince. In this series of storms, the five princes and the son of the prime minister Wang Zhongyu discovered that Han Eleven’s female identity was dark and emotional. A series of ridiculous stories.

The Heiress – 女世子
Also known as: Nv Shi Zi, Woman Generation
Genre(s): Historical, Romance
Director(s): Patrick Yau
Country: China
Episode(s): 24
Broadcast: Tencent Video
Release: Aug 13, 2020 – Aug 27, 2020
Starring:  Jiang Chao, Una You

Categories: Chinese Drama, TV Series

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