Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 4 Plot

Zhong Qing suspects that Huang Zili’s purpose of marrying her was not pure, not really loving her at all. Huang Zili admits that loving her is true, and now he feels uncomfortable is also true. Huang Zili promised to meet Zhong Qing’s request and divorce her. Zhong Qing suddenly became angry and condemned Huang Zili for doing everything for the sake of face. Marrying her was because of the status and reputation of her father Zhong Zhengdao. Zhong Qing made fun of him as a Phoenix man.

Zhong Zhengdao entered the door and heard Zhong Qing’s reluctance to speak, and sternly stopped her. Zhong Qing refused to respond and forced Huang Zili to tell her whereabouts last night. He insisted that he had derailed. Zhong Zhengdao asked Huang Zili hard, and Huang Zili was taken He was confused. I don’t know why Zhong Qing made this statement. Zhong Zhengdao suddenly fell to the ground because of the anger. Huang Zili hurriedly treated him.

The dialect parents came home from get off work and bought a lot of food along the way to improve their lives for the dialect. They screamed out of the dialect that had been sleeping all day. Wei Chao suddenly called and asked her to have a meal with the dialect, and her parents urged her to go on a date with Wei Chao.

Zhong Zhengdao was sent to the operating room for rescue. Huang Zili and Zhong Qing stayed at the door. The obstetric nurse hurried to inform Zhong Qing that her child was crying very badly, and Zhong Qing hurried over to see the child.

Wei Chao received an invitation letter to study for a postdoctoral fellow at an American university. He congratulated him in dialect. Wei Chao originally wanted dialect to keep him. He wanted to marry dialect when he returned from graduation two years later. Dialect allowed him to get a postdoctoral diploma with peace of mind. Wei Chao didn’t want to He separated from her and wanted to stay in China to study.

The dialect encouraged him to go abroad. Wei Chao offered to take her to study abroad, but dialect could not let go of his job. Wei Chao wanted to get a marriage certificate before going abroad, so he could feel at ease. Dialect Wei Chao was disappointed because he just started working and didn’t want to get married so early.

Although the medical staff tried their best to rescue, Zhong Zhengdao’s cerebral hemorrhage was too large, which would leave hemiplegic sequelae. Huang Zili told Zhong Qing of the situation truthfully. Zhong Qing was very sad. She stood outside the intensive care unit and watched her body full Guan Zi’s father was so sad that he regretted his impulsiveness for injuring his father’s illness. Huang Zili told her to persuade her and contacted the confinement center. He wanted to use this time to calm each other down. If they really can’t make it through, they Divorce peacefully.

Dialect and colleagues drove on patrols on the street. From a distance, they saw grandma bought two large bags of discounted cat food, and took the initiative to send her home. As soon as dialect entered the door, she found that grandma’s house smelled of mold, and the room was dark and damp. Open the windows to ventilate, and the house is full of expired food. She and her colleagues help clean up without saying a word.

Dialect learned from her colleagues that the relationship between the grandmother and her son is not good, and she is dependent on a cat who teaches Niuniu. She wants to help her mother and her son mediate. Her colleagues advise her not to confuse her. The grandmother and her son went to court because of the house issue. Huang Zili learned about Zhong Zhengdao’s condition from the attending physician and learned that he might wake up tonight.

As soon as Huang Zili returned to the office, he heard his colleague Zhang Jian talk about his cheating and was screened. Huang Zili was furious when he saw the pictures of him exchanging phone photos with dialect on the balcony. Huang Zili worried that Zhong Qing might misunderstand him, so he hurried. Came to her to explain the ins and outs of the matter, Zhong Qing was dubious, and Huang Zili called face to face to let the dialect and Zhong Qing clarify.

Dialect received a call from Zhong Qing. Zhong Qing struggled to ask her about the relationship between Huang Zili and Huang Zili. The dialect remembered that Huang Zili had asked her to conceal it. He denied knowing Huang Zili. Zhong Qing gritted his teeth with anger. Huang Zili repeatedly explained that he had asked for the dialect. Keeping the matter secret, he immediately called to confirm with dialects. The dialect police were not in the office. Zhong Qing therefore suspected that Huang Zili had colluded with the dialects to deceive her. Huang Zili couldn’t argue with anything. He didn’t want to explain more.

Zhong Qing called to question Wang Junyi, shouldn’t send photos of Huang Zili and dialects to the hospital group, Wang Junyi repeatedly claimed that all this was for Zhong Qing’s good, he has always regarded Zhong Qing as a goddess, willing to treat her as a goddess, not wanting to watch. Huang Zili deceived her.

Huang Zili kept calling dialects, but she never came back from the police station. Huang Zili found Wang Junyi’s office from the perspective of the photo. Therefore, he concluded that Wang Junyi secretly took the photo, and directly came to him to inquire about the crime.

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