Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 3 Plot

After Huang Zili woke up in a daze, he found himself in the detention room. He turned on his mobile phone and the WeChat was overwhelming with greeting messages from colleagues. They already knew that Zhong Qing’s child was not Huang Zili’s. The suspect in the same cell had a sudden heart attack. Huang Zili called the police while he was treated.

Thanks to Huang Zili’s timely rescue, the heart prisoner turned to safety. The director complained that the dialect should not arrest people without authorization. He defended Huang Zili in every way and released Huang Zili on the spot. In a panic, Huang Zili took the dialect phone by mistake and left his own phone.

Charge in the interrogation room. Dialect came home from the night shift, and suddenly received a call from Director Yu, urging Huang Zili to come back to work as soon as possible. Dialect realized that she and Huang Zili had the wrong phone number and asked the taxi driver to turn around and go to the hospital to change.

Huang Zili hurried back to the hospital and found that his mobile phone was turned off because of no electricity. He didn’t think much about it. He came directly to Director Yu to explain the situation. Director Yu gave him a severe meal and asked him to go home on paternity leave. Qing, Huang Zili excuses that he needs to be familiar with the business and give up his vacation when he just arrived in his new position. Director Yu reminded him to arrange his family affairs and concentrate on his job.

Huang Zili noticed the strange eyes of his colleagues. He was in his throat. He returned to the office to charge his mobile phone. Wang Junyi took the opportunity to ask him for credit and ask for red eggs. He also asked Huang Zili to find time to celebrate the double happiness. Huang Zili heard the sarcasm in his tone. Ignore him. Nurse Zhao on duty set a confinement meal for Zhong Qing. Thanks Zhong Qing for saving her father. Nurse Zhao asked Huang Zili to send it there. Zhao Wendi came to see Zhong Qing.

Zhong Qing was worried about Huang Zili’s absence from home all night. Zhao Wendi firmly believes that Huang Zili is a responsible man. He will soon figure it out and accept the arrival of this child with peace of mind. Huang Zili will send it to Zhong Qing. At the confinement meal, Wendi Zhao hurriedly left wittily. Huang Zili calmly put down the confinement meal. Zhong Qing suddenly received a call from her father. She told her father and the fact that the child was her ex-husband. Zhong Zhengdao was suddenly shocked.

Zhong Qing considered asking for a divorce with Huang Zili again and again, trying to save some face for him. Huang Zili was surprised. He had never thought about it. Zhong Qing repeatedly claimed that she was ignored by Huang Zili just after giving birth. I was upset, thinking all night long last night, Huang Zili excused not to disturb Zhong Qing’s rest, but she didn’t buy it at all, suspecting Huang Zili no longer loves her, Huang Zili’s explanations were of no avail, and the nurse took the shower. Huang Zili quickly found an excuse to leave the child.

The dialect came to the lounge to find Huang Zili to exchange her mobile phone. Huang Zili called her aside and asked the dialect to delete the video of him drunk on the phone. The dialect categorically refused, claiming that it was evidence of official duties. Huang Zili refused to return the phone. She threatened him with dialects and intimidated him to obstruct his official duties. Huang Zili was so frightened that he begged for mercy and promised to return her phone.

Wang Junyi saw the dialect and Huang Zili together from the window. He hurried to take a photo and sent it to Zhong Qing. Zhong Qing hurried to the window to confirm. From a distance, he saw Huang Zili returning the phone to the dialect. Huang Zili repeatedly emphasized that he never drinks. The late drunkenness is a stain on his life. Huang Zili begged the dialect to delete that video, otherwise he would suffer depression. He looked pitiful in the dialect, and promised to delete the video on the spot.

Unexpectedly, the phone was out of power. Dialect He promised to delete it when he went back. Huang Zili asked the dialect to conceal the matter, so as not to affect his image. The dialect advised him not to try to drink alcohol in the future, and talk to friends about unhappy things.

Zhong Qing felt very uncomfortable when she saw Huang Zili and the dialect. She immediately called Wang Junyi to find out about Huang Zili’s woman. Wang Junyi believed that Huang Zili’s relationship with that woman was unclear, otherwise it would not be a big deal. Zhong Qing believed that he had come to the hospital to exchange mobile phones long ago. Huang Zili suddenly received a call from his father-in-law Zhong Zhengdao.

Zhong Zhengdao apologized to him for Zhong Qing, and persuaded Huang Zili to treat the child with peace of mind. As long as he and Zhong Qing have a good relationship, everything will pass. Zhong Zhengdao let Huang Zili advised Zhong Qing not to divorce, and Huang Zili admitted that he knew the child was not his own in advance, and he would accept it calmly. Huang Zili came to the ward to visit Zhong Qing. Zhong Qing tried to force him to tell him where he was last night. Huang Zili excuses that he is confused and dare not face it.

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