Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 2 Plot

Huang Zili went to the airport to pick up his father-in-law Zhong Zhengdao, who had returned from lectures. Zhong Zhengdao couldn’t wait to ask him about Zhong Qing’s situation. Huang Zili answered truthfully. Zhong Zhengdao congratulated Huang Zili on his promotion to the hospital head and had high hopes for him.

Wei Chao asked for a candlelight dinner in dialect, but she was late, so Wei Chao had to call her to remind her. Dialect was on duty for her crippled colleague. She took a police car on patrol for the first time. The excitement was beyond words. Wei Chao wanted to take advantage of today’s The opportunity to propose to her had to be put on hold.

Zhong Qing did not go home very late, Zhong Zhengdao was worried, Huang Zili agreed to drive to pick her up immediately. Zhong Qing finally finished the operation. She had a sudden abdominal pain because she had been standing for too long. A colleague found that her amniotic fluid had broken and hurriedly sent her to the obstetric department for delivery. Wang Junyi called to inform Huang Zili, and Huang Zili insisted to send Zhong Qing to where Zhao Wendi was. The delivery in a private hospital was scolded by Wang Junyi. Because of the emergency, Zhong Qing had entered the delivery room, and Huang Zili hurried to the hospital.

Zhong Qing successfully gave birth to a baby boy. Huang Zili saw that the mother and the child were safe, and couldn’t say anything embarrassing in his heart. He didn’t want to go and get close to the child, so he had to go home to prepare maternal and child supplies. Huang Zili went home with a lot of thoughts, and packed Zhong Qing’s clothes and baby necessities overnight. He drove to the hospital and sat in a daze for a long time and refused to come out. Huang Zili suddenly received a call from Zhong Qing, and his heart was mixed. , Did not answer in anger.

When Huang Zili came to the ward with his luggage, Zhong Qing was already asleep, and the baby suddenly burst into tears. Huang Zili stood still at a loss. Zhong Qing was awakened and hurried to coax the child. She apologized to Huang Zili again and again. Because of the sudden incident, she had no choice but to stay in this hospital to give birth.

Zhong Qing concluded that the whole hospital would spread the matter tomorrow. She wanted to make a statement in the hospital group, admitting that the child belongs to her and her ex-husband, Huang Zilishen Ming Dayi married her pregnant woman. Huang Zili felt that he could not face the strange eyes of his colleagues.

He secretly blamed Wang Junyi for not letting Zhong Qing give birth here. Zhong Qing explained that she insisted on staying here and worried that the child would be in danger. , The more she talked, the more sad she could not help crying in a low voice, complaining that Huang Zili was disregarding the life and death of their mother and son for the sake of face. Huang Zili immediately relented and hurried over to comfort her.

Huang Zili saw that Zhong Qing fell asleep, so he went to the street to hang out alone, passing a bar, and the waiter invited him in to listen to a song. Huang Zili didn’t know where to go, so he followed the waiter into the bar. He looked at the station from afar. The singing girl couldn’t help but think of the past in college. Zhong Qing is the goddess of the boys in the class, and Wang Junyi is one of her suitors. Huang Zili can only wait and see from a distance and has no chance to get close to Zhong Qing.

It was late at night when Zhong Qing woke up in a daze. She couldn’t make a call to Huang Zili. The scene of meeting Huang Zili for the first time flashed in her mind. Huang Zili was the proud student of her father Zhong Zhengdao. Zhong Qing went home to visit his father, Huang Zili. I opened the door to her and made special dishes that Zhong Qing loved. Huang Zili had excellent grades and strong business skills. He was the first in every assessment. He gradually became interested in Zhong Qing. One time during dinner, Zhong Zhengdao suddenly fainted at the dinner table. Huang Zili and Zhong Qing worked together to rescue their father.

On the day Huang Zili and Zhong Qing got married, Zhong Qing found out that she was pregnant. She truthfully admitted to Huang Zili that the child was her ex-husband. Huang Zili was immediately dumbfounded. The bar was closed, and Huang Zili still wanted to continue drinking and listening to music, but he was already drunk and unconscious. He pushed all the wine glasses on the bar. The waiter had no choice but to persuade him. The boss had to call the police.

When the police came back from the dialect, Wei Chao sent her a supper. The dialect was shared with colleagues, and they hid away wittily. At this moment, my colleague came to find the dialect and went to the bar to police the police. The dialect put Wei Chao aside and left. Huang Zili stood on the high platform of the bar with a bottle of wine, despite the hard work of the waiter, he was indifferent. Drag Huang Zili off, take him back to the police station, and ask his colleague Xiao Wang to make a note for Huang Zili.

Xiao Wang receives a new police situation and wants to send the police and asks Huang Zili to be questioned in dialect. Huang Zili was incoherent and kept claiming that his wife had a child, but the child was not his. Suddenly, when the dialect received a call from Wei Chao, she had to go out and answer it. Zhong Qing couldn’t get through Huang Zili’s phone all the time, and she was distraught.

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