Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 1 Plot

At 6:30 in the morning in Suzhou City, people started a new day of life. The dialect was still asleep, and she was woken up by the alarm clock. She went out for a morning jog as usual, and then drove her father’s Grand Cherokee to the police station in Xingfu. . Today is the first day of her graduation from the police academy to work, and she ran into classmate An Xiaoduo who also came to report. The dialect is the police academy’s master or judo champion.

She wanted to go to the criminal police squad, but the director even asked her to go to the security team. The dialect was very dissatisfied, and the director promised to recommend her to the Interpol Team. The dialect only relieved a little bit. She changed into a new police uniform and officially took the post. Seeing her heroic appearance in the mirror, she was indescribably excited.

Huang Zili is a cardiologist in a Suzhou hospital. He is serious and responsible for his work. He has won the appreciation of the old dean. Yesterday he was promoted to chief resident, and even had an overnight operation. He was exhausted. The doctor in the same department Wang Junyi said He ridiculed and couldn’t help but complain to Director Yu.

Huang Zili performed heart surgery on the injured child without authorization. He feared that the failure of the operation would affect the general practitioners and cause medical disputes. Director Yu asked Huang Zili to bring the cases. After watching it again, he was full of praise for Huang Zili’s actions and persuaded him to go home and take good care of Zhong Qing.

Zhong Qing is Huang Zili’s wife. They are both college classmates. They were in the same hospital after graduation. Zhong Qing was approaching the expected delivery date. Today, she officially retired from the emergency department and went home to rest. Zhong Qing did not want colleagues to know that she was pregnant with her ex-husband’s child Every time, I came to the private maternity hospital to find my best friend Zhao Wendi for a prenatal check-up. She and Zhao Wendi made an appointment to go for a prenatal check-up tomorrow.

Regardless of the dissuasion of the security, Ge Dayun, a health product salesman, broke into the hospital and met Huang Zili. He first congratulated Huang Zili on his promotion and promised to invite him to dinner when he was free. Huang Zili reminded him not to promote sales in the ward. The security guard forced Ge Dayun away. On the way home, Huang Zili called his father who was in his hometown in Suzhou. When he heard that he was promoted to the hospital head, his father told him a lot and told him to work hard and don’t let the old dean’s cultivation work.

Wei Chao and the dialect childhood sweetheart, two little guesses, Wei Chao specially prepared a large bouquet of roses to pick up the dialect from get off work. Congratulations on her first day at work. The dialect gave him a terrible meal, and he was not allowed to drive around in a sports car. Wei Chao had to leave in anguish. . At the same time, Huang Zili also bought a bunch of flowers and went home. Zhong Qing bought a lot of baby supplies and asked Huang Zili to accompany her for the prenatal check-up tomorrow.

Huang Zili promised that he and Zhong Qing wanted to win the hospital. House, I don’t want to always live in his father-in-law’s house, but Zhong Qing disagrees. After get off work in dialect, I had dinner with Wei Chao, and warned Wei Chao not to pick her up from the unit, so as not to affect her transfer to the criminal police team. Wei Chao showed her love, using dialect as an excuse for her stomach discomfort and hurriedly avoided. Wei Chao complained and confessed. On many occasions, dialects have shied away for various reasons.

Dialect came out of the bathroom and was thinking about how to get rid of Wei Chao’s entanglement. I accidentally saw a man secretly scanning the QR code of the girl next to him and swiping the money in her phone. Without saying anything in dialect, he stepped forward to expose the man’s tricks. He knocked him to the ground with three punches and two kicks and forcibly took him to the police station to record his confession. Wei Chao was used to this and had to leave alone.

Huang Zili accompanied Zhong Qing to the prenatal check-up early in the morning. Zhao Wendi suggested that Zhong Qing be hospitalized as soon as possible. Huang Zili hurriedly took Zhong Qing home to pack her things. Zhong Qing wanted to eat roast duck. Huang Zili accompanied her to the roast duck restaurant. They just sat down. Huang Zili received a call from his father-in-law Zhong Zhengdao and asked him to pick up the plane in two hours. Huang Zili wanted to explain to his father-in-law that the child in Zhong Qing’s belly was not his.

Zhong Qing also reluctantly agreed. She suddenly received a colleague Dr. Zhang On the phone call, she learned that the 36-bed patient she was in charge of had repeated illnesses. Zhong Qing rushed back to the hospital before she finished eating. Huang Zili was worried and told her repeatedly. Zhong Qing promised to just be there to guide her. No surgery.

When the colleague received the call, he was eager to try the dialect, and followed him out of the police enthusiastically. Unexpectedly, he was helping Liu Guixiang’s grandmother to find the cat. The dialect did not hesitate to climb up the roof and caught the cat. Liu Guixiang was very happy. As soon as Zhong Qing arrived at the hospital, he came directly to the operating room. The patient suffered a severe abdominal hemorrhage.

Zhong Qing went to the operating table without saying a word. Wang Junyi couldn’t help cursing Huang Zili for not knowing Lian Xiangxiyu, and let Zhong Qing, who had a big belly, come to the operation. Zhong Qing The explanation was that she came voluntarily.

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