Lovely Us 如此可爱的我们 Episode 13 Recap

The TV at home is broken, and Dad Huang can’t fix it. Huang’s mother was fine as soon as she sold the TV , but Huang Chengzi complained that this TV should be bought a new one. As you can imagine, the frugal Huang’s mother refused. In order to welcome the arrival of the Olympics, Olympic-related things are placed in every place. In fact, the atmosphere can be said to be very strong.

The big guy wants to participate in the All-Star game. It is said that the champion can get tickets to the Olympic Games for free, so the five of them formed a combination. In the answering session, it can be said that there are many people and strength, because they are all right, and they entered the semi-finals and prepared The competition lasted for two days. The big guys were discussing what talents should be performed. The talents proposed by Huang Chengzi were handed out by other candidates.

Repeated talents would definitely not get high scores. The witty Chen proposed it, let He Jinzhao , Challenged to eat ten hamburgers within one song, except for He Jinchao, everyone agreed to this plan. In order to allow He Jinchao to eat ten hamburgers in the game, he tried not to let He Jinchao eat before the game. He Jinchao could not bear to say that if he did not add sugar, he would be hungry and dizzy. So they came to Huangchengzi’s home, Huang The orange took out the strange-flavored candy to He Jinchao, and it smelled stinky. How could He Jinchao eat it? Finally, it was their turn in the game. With the music playing, He Jinchao enjoyed the burger especially because of the previous hunger method.

He Jinzhao really ate ten burgers in a song or something, so what was the result of the rematch? Very smoothly into the final. The rules of the finals are somewhat difficult. The contestants will write a song and put it in a black box, and perform whatever they get. Fortunately, they got a cute dance. He Jinzhao said that he would dance and show it. Sure enough, He Jinchao is a flexible fat man. He originally thought he was talking big, but he didn’t expect to dance well.

An interesting scene came. I wish tonight and Huang Chengzi are vying to teach Chen Zui, so they both There is no suspense to decide the outcome with a wrist wrench. I wish to win tonight and take away Chen Zui directly. I wish tonight’s training method is to give Chen the best way to kick the shuttlecock, and Huang Chengzi also took Tan Song to practice outside, only He Jinzhao eating snacks at home and watching TV series… The finals will begin soon, five on stage. Individuals showed their prepared dances.

They were so cute and performed very well. They won the loudest applause on the spot. Can the Olympic tickets be given to them? Five friends won the championship. As a result, a child in their community won the championship, and they won the runner-up and got a TV. In fact, they could have been champions because the sponsors felt that they were too crowded to spend a lot of money on five tickets, so they exchanged with the second-placed kid, and the big guy decided to give the TV to Yellow Orange.

Some things are obtained inadvertently. I suggested to my mother that I wanted a new TV and was rejected. I didn’t expect to get a TV because of the loss of the game, just to replace the old TV at home. Life is full of surprises, and life is full of surprises. The loss of the game, but the family brought gains, can be said to be very gratified, although I did not go to the scene to watch the game, but I can sit in front of the TV with my good friend and beloved to watch the game.

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