Dear Herbal Lord – 亲爱的药王大人

It tells an indelible love story between Song Lan, a fairy formed out of the Isatis root who chases after Chu Zhimo, the King of Medicine, in order to get him to marry her. Song Lan has her heart set on only one thing which is to complete her immortal cultivation. To her horror, she is mistakenly eaten by the princess. In order to escape, she must force a marriage with Chu Zhimo in order to absorb his medicinal energy. Song Lan may be a silly Isatis root, but she is very stubborn.

No matter how indifferent Chu Zhimo acts towards her, she doesn’t shy from her bold intentions to marry Chu Zhimo. To make it happen, she takes a special trip back to Shenxiang Mountain to bring along some of her fairy friends back to the mortal world. Among them are a ginseneg doll, a sexy saffron and a righteous angelica herb – each ready and willing to do everything in their power to help Song Lan in her pursuit of love.

Dear Herbal Lord – 亲爱的药王大人
Also known as: : Dear Lord Herbal Medicine, Qin Ai De Yao Wang Da Ren, Dear King of Medicine, 皇叔请吃药, 親愛的藥王大人
Genre(s): Historical, Comedy, Romance, Medical, Fantasy
Country: China
Episode(s): 24
Broadcast: iQiyi
Release: Aug 10, 2020
Starring:  Yan Xi, Ding Yi Yi

Categories: Chinese Drama, TV Series

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