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The rebirth of a wealthy wife is super cute

The rebirth of a wealthy wife is super cute
Other names: 豪门重生之我家娇妻超可爱
Author: Nancheng Yiliang
Genre: Novel, romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


In the last life, Chu Qianhuan didn’t know until he died that she was the only little princess in the Chu family, Shen Baiyu’s righteous fiancee, and Shen Baiyu’s best The one she loved, but she avoided him, hated him, and even…killed him herself. She lived again for the first time, she knew her own life and only wanted to treat this man who loved herself to the bone, but was accidentally spoiled by him and became lawless. [Complimentary small theater] “President, Madam said that he would sell the company to buy clothes” “Then you don’t want to do it soon” “…………” “President, Madam has eaten up all the snacks for the young master” “That’s it. Don’t hurry up and buy some more for my wife.” “…” “President, the madam said that if you don’t coax her, she will go on a date with another man” “Then catch her back soon, I’ll coax her.” “…”


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