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Shao Huo, your wife’s vest has dropped again

Shao Huo, your wife’s vest has dropped again
Other names: 霍少,你老婆马甲又掉了
Author: Jiang Yier
Genre: Novel, romance
Release: 2020
Status: Ongoing


He is a young and promising financial tycoon and heir to a wealthy family, but in front of her, he pretended to be a dead otaku, claiming to have no money, car, or house, and his parents died. She is the poor little under the fence, the college entrance examination results are bottom, fights, everyone despises. In an accident, he met her, and everyone knew that Huo Shao had a cusp in the palm of his heart. From then on, the wife abused the scum in front of her, tearing the white lotus with her hands, and slapped her face. He supported her in the back, incarnate as a fan, “My wife is so handsome! The aura is two meters eight!” Late at night, he whispered in her ear, “My wife, such a good gene, are you sure you won’t have more?”


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