The Night of the Comet S2 彗星来的那一夜2 Episode 20 End Plot

Lin Senhe and Bai Xiaoxin are engaged, the sweetness cannot be hidden on their faces, and Yu Qingze is envious. Lin Senhe didn’t know how to talk to You Qingze about You Zhongshu. The two of them grew up together and were best friends. Now he is going to stand opposite his father. Lin Senhe told You Qingze the whole story, which to You Qingze was like a bolt from the blue. From a young age, You Zhongshu warned him that they were working for the Lin family. When the two played together, they did something wrong. You Zhongshu always punished him and reminded him where they were.

You Qingze didn’t expect his father to be the same on the outside and the other on the back. With brothers on one side and his father on the other, You Qingze didn’t want to see any of them hurt. He persuaded You Zhongshu to stop, but You Zhongshu insisted on going his own way and didn’t want to stop. Lin Senhe and Bai Xiaoxin took wedding photos on the beach. When Bai Xiaoxin walked over in a white wedding gown, Lin Senhe was surprised. Time seemed to stand still. At this moment, the world belongs to them.

The night before the engagement ceremony, Bai Xiaoxin was too excited to fall asleep. Lin Senhe watched TV with her. Bai Xiaoxin was moved to tears by the love story on TV. Bai Xiaoxin told Lin Senhe that she had dreamed that he was buried in the sea to save her many times. Lin Senhe could not guess his ending, but he was certain that he and Bai Xiaoxin cherished every second in front of them, never Will regret being together. Security was strict at Lin Senhe’s engagement ceremony, but he was still worried and checked all the details repeatedly. You Zhongshu still treats Lin Senhe with a kindly elder, but Lin Senhe already knows all his crimes and has not exposed him, just waiting for an opportunity.

In the blessings of everyone, Lin Senhe took Bai Xiaoxin’s hand and walked slowly onto the stage. Lin Senhe’s engagement vows were novel and affectionate, and Bai Xiaoxin almost cried with excitement. Lin Senhe was embarrassed to kiss Bai Xiaoxin in front of everyone, but the bold Bai Xiaoxin took the initiative to kiss him. Throughout the engagement ceremony, Bai Xiaoxin was more relaxed than Lin Senhe. You Zhongshu came to toast Bai Xiaoxin, Bai Xiaoxin was a little flustered, Lin Senhe grabbed the glass and drank for her.

After You Zhongshu toasted the wine, he ordered the action to start. This time Lin Senhe was prepared and pretended to be caught. You Zhongshu thought that he had a chance to win, so he told the story of the death of his parents, and forced Lin Senhe to write a transfer letter with Bai Xiaoxin’s safety. You Zhongshu did not expect that what his men caught was not Bai Xiaoxin but You Qingze. You Qingze begged You Zhongshu to surrender, but You Zhongshu was obsessed and ordered Huang Weide to kill Lin Senhe. Who knows that You Qingze rushed to protect Lin Senhe and defend his father’s sin Atonement. The police arrived at the scene, You Qingze was sent to the hospital for rescue, all the criminals were arrested.

Lin Senhe He Bai Xiaoxin finally has a happy ending, they are constantly reincarnating in time and space, working hard to change their destiny. As Lin Senhe said in his engagement vow, they will fall in love with each other no matter how many rebirths they go through. Bai Xiaoxin finally remembered that Lin Senhe had rescued her regardless of the safety of her life in the previous two reincarnations.

Lin Senhe accompanies Bai Xiaoxin to sweep the grave of Bai Zhihong and his wife. You Qingze is out of danger, he comes to Lin Senhe farewell. You Qingze is a sensible person. He understands Lin Senhe’s behavior and feels that You Zhongshu must pay for the crime he committed. The truth of the year finally settled, and Lin Senhe and Bai Xiaoxin were happy the night the comet came.

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