Swap Luck 我好喜欢你 Episode 3

The drunk Tong Xiaoyou and Lu Xingcheng slept on the rooftop all night. The cleaning staff found them in the early morning and took the photos and sent them to the company group. Everyone was shocked and rushed to the rooftop to prepare to explore. exactly. Tong Xiaoyou didn’t want to be speculated by the crowd, so he climbed up to the rooftop and cried out that he didn’t want to live because he got five zeros in the game. He was about to commit suicide and asked Lu Xingcheng to cooperate with him.

After everyone left, Lu Xingcheng asked Tong Xiaoyou to separate the knotted necklace and told her to keep it safe. If she lost it again, she would die. Lu Xingcheng asked Tong Xiaoyou if he still remembered what happened to him last night. Tong Xiaoyou was thinking about the kissing of the two in his mind, but he did not dare to say it, only that he did not remember.

Lu Yanzhi came to Tong Xiaoyou and wanted her to quit her career. Tong Xiaoyou asked in a puzzled way that he had no qualifications and no experience, why Lu Yanzhi valued her so much. Lu Yanzhi thinks she has great potential. Tong Xiaoyou asked Lu Yan’s Niji whether he designed it for his mother, but when Lu Yan was about to answer, the phone rang suddenly, so Tong Xiaoyou said that he would leave first and miss the truth.

In the office, Lu Xingcheng looked at everyone’s work mistakes and became increasingly unhappy. He vigorously criticized Lu Ren’s publication of “Yazhi” and criticized it as not a fashion magazine article for Lu Xingcheng. Lu Xingcheng became more depressed and blurted out as Tong Xiaoyou. Make him coffee and vigorously remind him that Tong Xiaoyou has been fired.

Tong Xiaoyou asked Song Ruru to meet at Brother Leopard’s noodle restaurant and told her that she had been resigned. Lu Yanzhi invited her to work at Yange. After hearing this, Song Ruru was very happy for her, and did some calculations for her and told her everything All are developing in a good direction. This way, he came to the noodle shop to get tools, and he helped Tong Xiaoyou to separate the two entangled necklaces. Seeing this, Tong Xiaoyou suddenly had an idea. She engraved the initials of herself and Lu Yan’s name on the fake necklace.

The next day, Lu Xingcheng had many unlucky incidents on his way to work. There was a problem with his car, but the taxi was robbed by others. He finally got in the car and the battery ran out. The luck of the two reversed, and Tong Xiaoyou on the other side easily got into the car and became a lucky customer of the shop after buying milk tea. Tong Xiaoyou met Lu Xingcheng at the door of the company. Tong Xiaoyou told him that he had found a new job in Yange. After hearing that, Lu Xingcheng asked her not to go anywhere until the resignation procedures were completed.

When Lu Xingcheng came to the office, he happened to meet Wen Xilai to show his courtesy . After he sent Wen Xi away, he learned that a large number of magazines had been reprinted and that a large number of advertisers had to withdraw their budgets. When I met Tong Xiaoyou and Lu Yanzhi at the door, Tong Xiaoyou threatened to go out of his way and no longer accept his jurisdiction. Lu Xingcheng didn’t care so much, he directly called him back to work and went to meet some cooperation in the afternoon, otherwise he would let him Tong Xiaoyou pays compensation.

Lu Xing became a solution to the negative news of the magazine and decided to hold an exhibition and asked Tong Xiaoyou to connect with the media. Tong Xiaoyou rushed to write the manuscript for the exhibition at home, but suddenly received a call from the reporter of “Weekend Star Wen”, claiming that he had information on Lu Xingcheng’s murder. If he didn’t want to be exposed, he would let Lu Xingcheng go to the off-road restaurant at 8pm. meet. Before Tong Xiaoyou asked about the situation, the other party hung up the phone.

Tong Xiaoyou told Lu Xingcheng about this. The two met at an Internet cafe at 8pm. The reporter told Lu Xingcheng that he had a car accident data from ten years ago, and that this car accident could not be separated from Lu Xingcheng, and threatened to ask Lu Xingcheng to give him a 500,000 yuan hush fee. Lu Xingchen was not threatened by him, and used his family and work to fight him. On the second day, Tong Xiaoyou sorted out the recording video of the reporter’s extortion and gave it to Lu Xingcheng. Lu Xingcheng said that he didn’t care, but was touched in his heart and gave instructions on Tong Xiaoyou’s exhibition.

Lu Xingcheng received another threat from reporters on his way to the venue in Han. At the exhibition, Deputy Editor Lin asked Tong Xiaoyou to make up for his contribution to contact Lu Ren for an interview, and gave him the contact information of Lu Ren’s wife Cheng Peiyu. Tong Xiaoyou called and asked for an interview, but Cheng Peiyu was severely rejected. Liu Chengyu, the person in charge of the venue, was ill-treated with Tong Xiaoyou.

Tong Xiaoyou fainted from a hypoglycemia episode. Lu Xingcheng rushed to feed her in time. Then he called to take care of Tong Xiaoyou vigorously, and went to see the reporter himself. As a result, Vigorously walked away midway, Tong Xiaoyou woke up and found that Lu Yanzhi was by her side, and mistakenly thought that Lu Yanzhi had saved her.

Lu Xingcheng and the reporter did not make a deal, so the reporter reported the car accident ten years ago, and vigorously showed the news report to Lu Xingcheng. Lu Xingcheng would think of the scene of the car accident at the time, heartache and unbearable, standing on the crowded street at a loss. . Tong Xiaoyou drove home with Lu Xingcheng, and when he heard the news broadcast that the car accident was related to Lu Xingcheng, he happened to hit Lu Xingcheng who was crossing the road. He got out of the car and found that it was Lu Xingcheng who was hit. She was even more worried and immediately gave way. In other words, he helped call an ambulance.

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