The Night of the Comet S2 彗星来的那一夜2 Episode 19 Plot

Lin Senhe told Zhenzhen what happened back then, and Zhenzhen had never heard of USB flash drives. Bai Xiaoxin reorganized the things she brought back from Sanming Island, but did not find a USB flash drive. Lin Senhe found a different picture on the wall, behind which is Bai Zhihong’s favorite motto. Lin Senhe felt that the clues might be hidden in the photos. Lin Senhe and Bai Xiaoxin came to a mountain according to the picture and found the place where Bai Zhihong stood in the photo. Lin Senhe found the USB flash drive under the tree. Before he was happy, Huang Weide followed.

Huang Weide wants to grab a USB flash drive, Lin Senhe stops him, but he is not his opponent. Bai Xiaoxin could only give him the USB flash drive, hoping that he could let them go, but Huang Weide still wanted to kill them. Fortunately, Black Wind brought people over in time, and Huang Weide escaped. Lin Senhe thought that the USB flash drive had been taken away, but Bai Xiaoxin, who was unaware of the cleverness, had already dropped the USB flash drive.

The two returned to Bai Xiaoxin’s home and opened the USB flash drive. In the middle of the video, Zhong Shu led people into their home and snatched the evidence. He also warned Bai Xiaoxin’s mother to give Bai Zhihong a message and refrain from making remarks against Lin, otherwise he would never let them go. Bai Xiaoxin’s mother was pregnant and was pushed a bit by You Zhongshu. At that time, she lost too much blood and died.

Lin Senhe and Bai Xiaoxin learned the truth through the USB flash drive and decided not to let You Zhongshu go. You Zhongshu learned that the USB flash drive was dropped, and he worried that there was evidence against him in the USB flash drive. He recalled what happened in the past. He and Lin Senhe’s father had a dispute over the acquisition of Sanming Island. Lin Senhe’s father learned that You Zhongshu’s methods were despicable and repeatedly persuaded him to surrender, but You Zhongshu was murderous against him. . It was because of the encounter between Bai Xiaoxin and Lin Senhe that they discovered the true cause of death of the two parents, which seemed to be destined. Bai Xiaoxin received news from Lin Senhe and went to his house to find him, but no one answered the door when she rang the doorbell.

At this time, a lost puppy came to Bai Xiaoxin. She came to the fountain pond according to the instructions on the puppy. Lin Senhe was playing the piano like a moonlight fairy, and Bai Xiaoxin was stunned by the scene before her. Lin Senhe proposed to Bai Xiaoxin in the moonlight. The picture was so romantic. Bai Xiaoxin was so touched that she readily agreed to marry him. Lin Senhe brought her a ring and the two embraced each other deeply. Lin Senhe distributed invitations to all employees of the company, and Bai Xiaoxin became the envy of the girls. No one is happiest than Lin Zhiyang, who will see his grandson get married in his lifetime.

Lin Zhiyang gave Bai Xiaoxin the jewels handed down from his ancestors, and rebuilt a building based on their house on Sanming Island to make up for the tragic death of Bai Xiaoxin’s parents. Lin Zhiyang felt that their marriage was destined by heaven. He already knew that the deaths of his son and daughter-in-law were not accidents, but man-made. This was undoubtedly a fatal blow to a dying old man. Fortunately, Lin Senhehe

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