The Night of the Comet S2 彗星来的那一夜2 Episode 17 Plot

Lin Senhe woke up early in the morning and found that he was fragmented, and he didn’t know if the confession last night was successful. Heifeng discovered that Bai Zhihong had participated in the previous development of Sanming Island, but he died in a fire shortly after the development. Lin Senhe felt that there should be something else hidden here, and let Heifeng continue to investigate.

During the day, Bai Xiaoxin deliberately avoided Lin Senhe in the company. Lin Senhe thought she had been rejected last night, so she quietly called Bai Xiaoxin aside and was overjoyed to see Bai Xiaoxin wearing the same bracelet he gave. Bai Xiaoxin suggested that they keep a distance in the company and don’t let others know about their relationship, but how could Lin Senhe who fell into the relationship waste time together. Under Bai Xiaoxin’s repeated insistence, Lin Senhe reluctantly agreed not to open his relationship for the time being, and asked her to have lunch on the rooftop at noon. The two had an intimate attitude on the rooftop, feeding each other, and they happened to be seen by the staff. Bai Xiao was embarrassed. When Lin Senhe announced his relationship online, Bai Xiaoxin became the object of envy and hatred, but everyone was afraid of Lin Senhe’s momentum.

As soon as Lin Senhe appeared, everyone would behave like birds and beasts and run away. Lin Senhe was tired of Bai Xiaoxin’s side every day, and urged Bai Xiaoxin to quickly publicize their love affair. When Bai Xiaoxin announced his love affair, Dan Dan was envious and suggested that Bai Xiaoxin should maintain a sense of mystery, so that Lin Senhe was always infatuated with her. The two were tired and crooked, and even wanted a video for an afternoon tea. Lin Senhe saw a strange waiter appeared in Bai Xiaoxin’s video. He looked exactly like the scarred man, but there was no scar on his face.

At that time, Bai Xiaoxin’s phone was spilled with coffee and the video was interrupted. Lin Senhe was so scared that he speeded up, but fortunately, Bai Xiao was safe and sound. Lin Senhe feels that the USB flash drive is more and more important, and he must find the USB flash drive in front of Scar Man, knowing the secrets inside, and maybe he will know the man behind him. Lin Senhe was worried about Bai Xiaoxin’s safety and suggested that she move to her own home. Bai Xiao thought of Dandan’s suggestion, fearing that the cohabitation would lose its freshness, so she declined Lin Senhe’s suggestion.

In order to protect her safety, Lin Senhe once again suggested that she move to the dormitory. When the two saw Zhenzhen taking her boyfriend home downstairs, Lin Senhe took advantage of the situation and asked Bai Xiaoxin to move to the dormitory now. Lin Senhe directly took Bai Xiaoxin back to her home. Only then did Bai Xiaoxin realize that she had been fooled by him, but if she didn’t stay, she would have to sleep on the street.

Lin Senhe gets up early in the morning to make breakfast. In order to make a loving breakfast, he has mastered his knowledge from practice time and time again, and he has a lot of romantic ingredients to make a delicious breakfast. In order to live up to Lin Senhe’s good intentions, Bai Xiaoxin actually ate all the breakfast. Lin Senhe asked Bai Xiaoxin to accompany her to the island survey project. Bai Xiaoxin said that she was seasick, so Lin Senhe immediately changed the helicopter as a means of transportation. At the beach When Lin Senhe saw Bai Xiaoxin put on a swimsuit, his eyes became straight. He wrapped her in a bathrobe, for fear that others would see her bumpy figure. Bai Xiaoxin asked Lin Senhe to take her on an ATV. The two had a pleasant day, and their relationship warmed up quickly.

The two of them watched horror movies in the room, but Lin Senhe was scared. Lin Senhe was so scared that he threw the popcorn in his hand at Bai Xiaoxin, and he carefully helped Bai Xiaoxin wash her hair. Lin Senhe obeyed the dormitory regulations and handed the hair dryer to Bai Xiaoxin from outside the door, but Bai Xiaoxin complained a little bit about his incomprehension. Lin Senhe asked Lin Zhiyang for information about the Sanming Island project.

Lin Zhiyang told Lin Senhe that his parents were killed in a storm and that no one on board was able to return. Recalling what happened in the past undoubtedly tears away Lin Zhiyang’s scars, but now that Lin Senhe has grown up, he still decided to tell him what happened back then. Lin Senhe read the notes left by his father, which recorded Bai Zhihong’s name.

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