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Demon King’s Repayment

Demon King’s Repayment
Other names: 妖王的报恩
Author: Gong Xinwen
Genre: fantasy, romance
Release: 2020
Status: Ongoing


The demon kings who betrayed their relatives were taken to the lair of human beings, and their hearts were filled with humiliation and resentment.
“Despicable human beings, I am a majestic monster, how can I be a servant of a human being.”
“Human beings who don’t know shame touch my tail and wait for me to recover. The demon power will tear you to pieces.”

Who knows that the woman took him in for a few days, fed him fragrant food, smoothed his hair, bandaged his wounds, and brought him back to the mountains. The man released his restraint, touched his ear, and said to him: “Go back. Give you freedom.”
Yuan Xianger, who had just learned art and entered the demon forest, wanted to capture a little demon, Qi Zhi regarded as an apostle.  
Seeing a wolf demon being injured by all the demons, he was dying to the ground, and his whole body was stained with blood. Yuan Xiang’er couldn’t bear it, so she took her home, fed her wounds, and took good care of her. The wolf demon is untamable, and grinning at her every day, extremely ferocious. Then let it go.

After that, Yuan Xianger, who returned from going out every day, was delighted to find that there were always some strange gifts at the door. The demon king who is hiding secretly is tickled with hate: That woman is bound to a demon cat again, what role does the demon cat have besides that good-looking face?
She actually touched the fox’s tail. The fox can’t compare to me. My tail is the best.


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