The Night of the Comet S2 彗星来的那一夜2 Episode 15 Plot

Lin Senhe remembered the little things he had with Bai Xiaoxin, but Bai Xiaoxin had only sporadic memories. Lin Senhe suddenly rushed to kiss Bai Xiaoxin, who regarded him as a disciple and gave him a slap in the face. Bai Xiaoxin yelled and caused a sensation in the company, and Lin Senhe felt embarrassed. Bai Xiaoxin only then knew Lin Senhe’s true identity, and regretted it. Director Yan and Xiaolan saw that Bai Xiaoxin had offended Lin Senhe, and they wanted to embarrass her and help Lin Senhe out of anger.

Who knew that Lin Senhe was defending Bai Xiaoxin everywhere, so they decided to sign an anchor contract with her on the spot. This made everyone Surprised, Bai Xiaoxin felt incredible herself. After signing the contract, Bai Xiaoxin hurriedly left for fear that Lin Senhe would regret it. Lin Senhe chased after him. Bai Xiaoxin accidentally ran into You Qingze. Lin Senhe remembered that Bai Xiaoxin had a good affection for You Qingze before, and moved him away. Lin Senhe reminded Bai Xiaoxin to be safe, and Bai Xiaoxin was confused. Lin Senhe felt helpless, Bai Xiaoxin once again forgot about him.

When Bai Xiaoxin returned to the dormitory, she remembered that there was a flash in her mind when a man appeared, and this man turned out to be Lin Senhe, and she herself couldn’t explain how she had such thoughts. Lin Senhe remembered that Scarman on the yacht had forced Bai Xiaoxin to ask for a USB flash drive. He thought that the two of them were chased and killed. They may have a lot to do with the USB flash drive. There should be huge secrets hidden in the USB flash drive. Lin has light.

Lin Senhe couldn’t think of who would kill him. The name of You Zhongshu flashed in his mind, but he immediately denied this idea. Bai Xiaoxin officially entered the Lin Group to work, and found that Lin Senhe had prepared a private live broadcast room for her. Bai Xiaoxin was a little flattered. Lin Senhe asked Black Wind to investigate Bai Xiaoxin’s father Bai Zhihong. Although the black hand behind the scenes did not appear, he was getting closer and closer to the truth. He had to rely on the existing truth to find out the hidden secrets and was no longer passive. Seeing You Qingze and Bai Xiaoxin drinking tea together, Lin Senhe immediately interrupted them. In order to prevent Bai Xiaoxin from having a good impression on You Qingze again, Lin Senhe tried to remind You Qingze to stay away from Bai Xiaoxin.

Although Bai Xiaoxin had forgotten what happened before, some memories still remained in her mind unconsciously. She subconsciously prepared coffee according to Lin Senhe’s preferences. Lin Senhe cared too much about Bai Xiaoxin. He was eating delicious food while watching her live broadcast, fearing that she would break her stomach. When she saw her wearing a bikini, she was worried about the spring season. Every time in the middle of the live broadcast, he couldn’t help but rush in to interrupt the live broadcast.

Lin Senhe didn’t allow Bai Xiaoxin to call another boy’s brother, and she was not allowed to wear sexy clothes. Lin Senhe’s attitude was obviously jealous, but Bai Xiaoxin didn’t appreciate it. No matter what route she took, Lin Senhe vetoed her, and she could only follow the funny route on a whim. Lin Senhe Bai Xiaoxin kept brushing gifts, and Bai Xiaoxin didn’t want to continue the live broadcast. In the evening, Lin Senhe accompanied Bai Xiaoxin to work overtime. He was afraid that the elevator would be powered off, so he had to pull Bai Xiaoxin up the stairs. Bai Xiaoxin walked halfway and refused to continue. Lin Senhe could only carry her downstairs. When he walked downstairs, he almost fainted because of low blood sugar.

Bai Xiaoxin could only send him home. After returning home, Lin Senhe pretended to be dizzy and refused to let Bai Xiaoxin leave. In order to make Bai Xiaoxin fall in love with him again, Lin Senhe repeated the details of their previous relationship, deliberately revealing sexy pectoral muscles, and took advantage of the opportunity to beat Bai Xiaoxin, but the result was not what he imagined. Lin Senhe wanted to take the opportunity to confess to Bai Xiaoxin, who even said that the age difference between them is too big to be together. Lin Senhe’s confession was rejected before he could say it, and his heart was broken to pieces.

Although Bai Xiaoxin rejected Lin Senhe, Lin Senhe’s shadow always appeared in her mind, and she began to suspect that he and Lin Senhe had an intersection in another parallel time and space. Lin Senhe asked Xiaolan to inform Bai Xiaoxin to be his female companion at the banquet. Lin Senhe wanted to catch Scar Man at the banquet, so he wanted to repeat what had happened before. Lin Senhe took Bai Xiao’s heart with him throughout the whole process, and did not even let go of speaking on stage. Seeing that Bai Xiaoxin liked a snack at the banquet, Lin Senhe not only fed it personally, but also asked the company to prepare it. Bai Xiaoxin felt that he was a bit too much for his own kindness.

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