The Night of the Comet S2 彗星来的那一夜2 Episode 14 Plot

Lin Senhe and Bai Xiaoxin hugged each other on the island and slept for one night. Early the next morning, Bai Xiaoxin woke up first. She couldn’t help but look at Lin Senhe’s sleeping face. It might be too close to his face. Lin Senhe turned over and touched Bai Xiaoxin’s mouth with her lips. Bai Xiaoxin’s whole person It’s like an electric shock. Lin Senhe obviously enjoyed this sweet kiss, but deliberately scorned Bai Xiaoxin for eating his tofu. Heifeng brought people to the rescue. He reminded Lin Senhe that there was a signal alarm on the cruise ship, but Lin Senhe deliberately said that the alarm was broken.

Bai Xiao looked at him curiously, and felt that all this was deliberately designed by him. Lin Senhe reopened a suite for Bai Xiaoxin, asking her to go back to rest first, and then find her for dinner in the evening. Lin Senhe handed the room card to Bai Xiaoxin and touched her hair very naturally. Later, he felt that this action was a bit too intimate. Bai Xiaoxin stayed in a luxurious sea-view suite, and felt familiar when she came in. As soon as Bai Xiaoxin lay on the bed, she remembered the kiss between Lin Senhe and Lin Senhe on the isolated island. Her heartbeat accelerated and she was already moved to Lin Senhe. You Qingze deliberately exposed Lin Senhe. He clearly had three ways to ask for help, but none of them worked.

He just wanted to spend the night on an isolated island with Bai Xiaoxin. The iron tree Lin Senhe finally blossomed. An old friend of You Qingze couldn’t help but teased him. . Lin Senhe always dreamed of diving accidents, and he couldn’t help feeling flustered. The first thing he woke up was to call Bai Xiaoxin, but no one answered. Lin Senhe could only go to the room to find her, and rang the doorbell, but no one answered the door. Lin Senhe was worried that something happened to Bai Xiaoxin, so he took the spare room card at the front desk and opened Bai Xiaoxin’s door, just to see Bai Xiaoxin naked. In order to apologize for Bai Xiaoxin, Lin Senhe asked the hotel to prepare a big meal to entertain her.

Bai Xiaoxin insisted on drinking red wine, Lin Senhe immediately asked the waiter to prepare, but he didn’t know that the wine had been drugged long ago. Bai Xiaoxin took a red wine glass and went to the swimming pool to drink. Lin Senhe was like a small attendant, agreeing to any request from her and accompanying him personally. Bai Xiaoxin pulled Lin Senhe to drink with her and wanted to bless him. Lin Senhe felt that he already had wealth and status, and there was nothing to bless him. Bai Xiaoxin thinks that health and happiness are the most important. Bai Xiaoxin is like a heartless child, always laughing, Lin Senhe squeezed her cheek in a petting way, and both of them were moved by this intimate action. Scar Man took someone to solve the security guard who was protecting Bai Xiaoxin outside the door, and Black Wind alone could not rival them.

After a few glasses of wine, Bai Xiaoxin was already drunk, her body swayed, and Lin Senhe also found herself dizzy. Bai Xiaoxin went to kiss Lin Senhe by the drunkenness, but the medicine broke out and she fell into Lin Senhe’s arms. Lin Senhe felt fatigued all over, when Scar Man sneaked into their room, Scar The man came fiercely, and immediately killed Lin Senhe. Lin Senhe has a good skill and can fight against a few moves, but he was drugged, and it was difficult to beat Scarman for a while. Perhaps it was the consciousness of survival. Lin Senhe tried his best to defeat Scarman. He was about to wake Bai Xiaoxin. But I don’t know that You Zimo stunned him with an electric baton hiding behind him. You Qingze accidentally discovered that You Zhongshu was going to harm Lin Senhe. In order to prevent You Qingze from destroying his plan, You Zhongshu knocked him out and tied him in the room.

Heifeng desperately sounded the alarm, and You Zhongshu asked his men to urge You Zimo to solve Lin Senhe as soon as possible. You Zimo took Lin Senhe and Bai Xiaoxin on a cruise ship to send them to the deep sea and into the sea. Scar man used a knife to force Bai Xiaoxin to hand over the USB flash drive that his father had hidden. Bai Xiaoxin’s father died when she was very young. She didn’t even know about USB flash drives. Lin Senhe knew that they were all coming for him, begging Scar Man not to hurt Bai Xiaoxin.

At this time Scarman received a call from You Zhongshu, Scarman directly threw Bai Xiaoxin into the sea, and Lin Qingze jumped down recklessly. You Zimo didn’t give them any way out, and let Scar Man jump down and solve them. Scar man jumped down with a dagger, trying to kill them, when the comet came, time went back again, Lin Senhe returned to the starting point again. Lin Senhe immediately went to the interviewer to look for Bai Xiaoxin. When he met Bai Xiaoxin, he couldn’t help but kiss her. Bai Xiao slapped him cruelly. Bai Xiaoxin couldn’t help but kiss her. Bai Xiao slapped him cruelly. Bai Xiaoxin couldn’t help but kiss her. Bai Xiao slapped him cruelly.

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