The Night of the Comet S2 彗星来的那一夜2 Episode 12 Plot

Lin Senhe didn’t sleep well all night. He woke up early in the morning, trying to secretly hold Bai Xiaoxin’s hand hanging by the bed, but Bai Xiaoxin was suddenly awakened by the alarm clock, and she rolled off the bed in fright and fell into Lin Senhe. In his arms. The two looked at each other, forgetting the time for a while. The Sanming Island project was reported and stopped by the government. You Qingze suspected that someone in the company had leaked the information, and the only person who had access to the information was Bai Xiaoxin. Under Lin Senhe’s prompt, Bai Xiaoxin hurried to check the USB flash drive in her bag.

The USB flash drive was intact and not lost at all. Bai Xiaoxin couldn’t wash it even more. Clear your suspicions. Shareholders held a meeting to put pressure, You Zhongshu took the opportunity to let Lin Senhe fire Bai Xiaoxin. Lin Senhe firmly disagrees to let Bai Xiaoxin be innocent. At the shareholders’ meeting, these shareholders were very difficult to listen to and asked Lin Senhe to take the blame and resign.

Lin Senhe had a strong attitude and asked them to vote to decide his stay or stay, but no one dared to vote. You Zhongshu took the opportunity to make a round. The employees in the company talked a lot about Bai Xiaoxin’s leaks. Bai Xiaoxin was not a man of choice. She accused these cheating employees of having no evidence but making irresponsible remarks. Lin Senhe heard Bai Xiaoxin and her colleagues arguing, and he was domineering to protect Bai Xiaoxin and warned others not to talk nonsense. . Bai Xiao felt wronged in her heart, and Lin Senhe comforted her. Bai Xiaoxin was worried for Lin Senhe, but Lin Senhe blamed herself for influencing Bai Xiaoxin, and all that Scarman did was directed at him.

Bai Xiaoxin was hungry and helped Lin Senhe work overtime to sort out the files. After finishing the files, she took the files and bought a midnight snack to Lin Senhe’s house. It happened to hear that Lin Senhe denied liking her in front of You Qingze, but just regarded her as A child. Bai Xiaoxin was a little lost when she heard this sentence, and left the papers and supper at the door quietly. When Lin Senhe sent You Qingze out when he saw the supper and documents outside, he hurried to catch up. Lin Senhe was worried that leaving Bai Xiaoxin by her side would hurt her, and let Bai Xiaoxin misunderstand him and would not explain.

Lin Senhe called Xiaolan back to help and asked Bai Xiaoxin to resign. This made Bai Xiaoxin a little embarrassed. She refused Lin Senhe’s monetary compensation and voluntarily resigned. Bai Xiaoxin resigned, and other employees watched from the sidelines. Only Director Yan cared about her and felt a little bit reluctant. You Qingze and Xiaolan deliberately resigned in front of Lin Senhe by saying that Bai Xiaoxin was misunderstood, and they might be depressed in the future. Lin Senhe asked Bai Xiaoxin to resign to protect her, but he didn’t expect that doing so would hurt Bai Xiaoxin. He already regretted acting on impulse and forced Bai Xiaoxin to resign. Lin Senhe asked Black Wind to arrange someone to protect Bai Xiaoxin personally.

Bai Xiaoxin mistakenly someone was following her and was about to call the police. Hei Feng immediately appeared and told Lin Senhe the truth about sending them to protect her. Bai Xiao understood their difficulties and decided not to tell Lin Senhe. forest Senhe prepared a job recommendation letter for Bai Xiaoxin, and he asked You Qingze for reference. You Qingze suggested that he personally go to the goal and send a letter of recommendation to Bai Xiaoxin. Lin Senhe was already alert, You Zhongshu decided not to wait anymore, let the Scar male like the accident that killed Lin Senhe’s parents, and solve Lin Senhe at one time. As always, Lin Senhe took the domineering presidential style and brought his subordinates to decorate Bai Xiaoxin’s house. The appliances and furniture were replaced with brand new ones. Not only that, he also personally cooked and cooked noodles for Bai Xiaoxin.

Bai Xiaoxin’s house suddenly tripped, Lin Senhe was startled, Bai Xiaoxin hugged Lin Senhe tightly in the first reaction. Because of the trip, the two had a candlelight dinner for the first time. Through the romantic candlelight, Lin Senhe encouraged Bai Xiaoxin not to become depressed because of his dismissal. Lin Senhe gave out a letter of recommendation to Bai Xiaoxin, but Bai Xiaoxin misunderstood it as a love letter. When she saw the three words of recommendation letter Sometimes I am a little disappointed.

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