The Night of the Comet S2 彗星来的那一夜2 Episode 11 Plot

You Zimo deliberately created scandals to discredit Lin Senhe, which seriously affected the company’s image. Even the newly launched Sanming Island project was affected. Lin Senhe is a person who doesn’t like explanation. You Qingze is really the best friend and Lin Senhe considers everything. He asks You Zhongshu to help solve the problem. You Zhongshu still has a grudge about Lin Senhe’s expulsion of You Zimo, and is not very positive about it. You Qingze moved with affection, Xiaozhi convinced You Zhongshu to help with affection.

Bai Xiaoxin persuaded Lin Senhe to explain the matter between him and Qin Zhijun, but Lin Senhe always held the attitude of self-cleansing, unwilling to explain. Bai Xiaoxin released the recording of the private transaction between You Zimo and Ma Rubin, and said that it was all the conspiracy of You Zimo. Lin Senhe felt sorry for Bai Xiaoxin’s adventurous things, and was rare to be gentle with her, and handed her responsibility for this matter. To avoid suspicion, Qin Zhijun asked Bai Xiaoxin to help Lin Senhe pass a message.

Bai Xiaoxin had intended to bring the two of them back together, but it turned out to be like this, and he felt very sorry. Bai Xiaoxin posted a recording of the transaction between You Zimo and Ma Rubin on Weibo to help Lin Senhe clear the suspicion. In order to reward Bai Xiaoxin, Lin Senhe decided to give her a birthday. You Qingze immediately sent a message to Bai Xiaoxin to inform her in advance. You Zimo didn’t expect that his plan would be ruined by Bai Xiaoxin in this way. He was scolded by You Zhongshu, and he was so angry that he wanted to put the account on Bai Xiaoxin. Lin Senhe celebrated Bai Xiaoxin’s birthday in the park.

Bai Xiaoxin was obviously not interested, but in order to cater to her boss, she had to pretend to be happy. Bai Xiaoxin smiled innocently when she saw the marshmallows. She ran over and bought one for herself. Lin Senhe couldn’t help but feel a little vinegar when she saw that she didn’t have her share. Lin Senhe and Bai Xiaoxin had a big difference in their preferences because of the difference in age. Lin Senhe sat quietly and went fishing, while Bai Xiaoxin sat aside so bored and lethargic. Lin Sen looked at He Baixiao’s innocent heart beating wildly. Lin Senhe sent Bai Xiaoxin home and gave her the fish she caught as a birthday present. As soon as Bai Xiaoxin entered the house, Lin Senhe discovered the whereabouts of Scar Man.

Black wind had been protecting her near Bai Xiaoxin’s home, and Lin Senhe left with confidence. Scar Man sneaked into Bai Xiaoxin’s home, rummaging through the boxes and cabinets in the living room, but did not find what he wanted. He sneaked into Bai Xiaoxin’s room again and saw a group photo in her room. He couldn’t help but look back at the sleeping Bai Xiaoxin. Scar Man finally turned to a USB flash drive in Bai Xiaoxin’s bag and took it away. Lin Senhe didn’t worry about it, and called Bai Xiaoxin, but no one answered. He was worried that something happened to Bai Xiaoxin, and hurried back. Scar Man came out of Bai Xiaoxin’s house, and he happened to be spotted by Black Wind.

Hei Feng wanted to catch him, but he was helplessly not Scar Man’s opponent and let Scar Man escape again. Lin Senhe wakes up Bai Xiaoxin and Zhenzhen, Their home was turned upside down, but they didn’t lose any valuables. Lin Senhe helped them to report to the police, and the police came to register and did not find any suspicious points. Lin Senhe told the police that Scar Man had appeared near their home. Zhenzhen took the opportunity to let Lin Senhe stay with them, arranged for Lin Senhe, she consciously went back to the room to sleep first.

Bai Xiaoxin lent her pajamas to Lin Senhe, and Lin Senhe glanced at the lovely pajamas, reluctantly changed them, and laid a floor in Bai Xiaoxin’s room. The two are in the same room, which is a bit embarrassing. Scar Man was ordered by You Zhongshu to find a secret thing at Bai Xiaoxin’s house, but he couldn’t find it, so he could only give him Bai Xiaoxin’s USB flash drive.

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