The Night of the Comet S2 彗星来的那一夜2 Episode 10 Plot

After Yu Zimo was expelled from Lin Senhe, he wanted to avenge him. He secretly took photos of Lin Senhe and Qin Zhijun in the starry sky cabin. He was lobbying Ma Rubin, the person in charge of online media, to expose Lin Senhe and write articles to discredit him. Ma Rubin was hesitating for fear of offending Lin Senhe, but You Zimo was fanning the flames. Bai Xiaoxin and a few friends celebrated their birthdays in the bar. When passing by the box, she heard You Zimo’s voice. She secretly filmed their video through the glass door, but was discovered. All three were called into the box. You Zimo threatens Bai Xiaoxin to delete the video, and Bai Xiaoxin pretends to delete the video, and keeps slapping You Zimo’s flattery.

You Zimo asked Bai Xiaoxin and the others to drink all the wine on the table before letting them go. When Bai Xiaoxin was drinking, she quietly sent You Qingze a distress signal. When You Qingze received the news, Lin Senhe happened to be beside him. Lin Senhe learned that it was Bai Xiaoxin’s birthday today. She was celebrating her birthday in a bar, and fearing that she would encounter an accident, she rushed over to the hero to save the beauty. After Bai Xiaoxin and the others drank all the wine, You Zimo still embarrassed her.

Fortunately, Lin Senhe arrived in time. Lin Senhe warned You Zimo to restrain himself, otherwise he would be held accountable. You Zimo has always been arrogant and domineering, but this time he saw Lin Senhe’s thunderous might, and he didn’t even dare to fight back. Lin Senhe rescued Bai Xiaoxin, and he blamed Bai Xiaoxin for visiting the nightclub and almost had an accident. Bai Xiaoxin pretended to be sad, Lin Senhe was a little at a loss, Bai Xiaoxin stopped teasing him, and laughed. Lin Senhe was a little annoyed when she learned that she had been fooled. Lin Senhe bought makeup remover and forced Bai Xiaoxin to remove her makeup. Bai Xiaoxin laughed at his old age and looked like a loving old father.

Lin Senhe complained a little bit that Bai Xiaoxin would rather ask You Qingze for help than looking for him. Bai Xiaoxin said against his will that he had sent a wrong message. Lin Senhe gave Bai Xiaoxin a lollipop as a birthday gift and sent her home. Scarman has been hiding near Bai Xiaoxin’s home. When Black Wind protected Lin Senhe personally, he found Scarman, but he still lost him. Bai Xiaoxin saw the scandal and intimate photos of Lin Senhe and Qin Zhijun, and she felt lost. Lin Senhe was worried that Bai Xiaoxin would have a misunderstanding when she saw the photo. At this time, Heifeng came to report to him and told him that he had discovered that Scar Man was following Bai Xiaoxin, and Lin Senhe asked Heifeng to protect Bai Xiaoxin in secret.

Lin Zhiyang saw the scandal on the Internet and learned about the scandal between Qin Zhijun and Lin Senhe. He wanted to hug his great grandson and immediately asked Bai Xiaoxin to bring Qin Zhijun and Lin Lin home. When Lin Zhiyang saw Lin Lin, he felt more and more like Lin Senhe. Lin Senhe learned that Lin Zhiyang had misunderstood his relationship with Qin Zhijun, and quickly explained. Lin Lin walked away very consciously and asked them to explain their misunderstanding clearly. Qin Zhijun explained to Lin Zhiyang that Lin Lin is not Lin Senhe’s son at all, Lin Zhiyang Great disappointment. He still held a glimmer of hope, looking forward to their renewal, but Lin Senhe’s attitude hesitated, and Qin Zhiyun knew that their feelings would never go back. At the same time, Lin Lin also told Bai Xiaoxin that Lin Senhe’s personality was not suitable for Qin Zhijun.

This is the end of the past, but the story of Lin Senhe and Bai Xiaoxin is beginning. The two people’s feelings sublimated in the bickering. Lin Senhe’s scandal spread in the company. Director Yan and others have believed the rumor and are looking forward to Lin Senhe’s love. I won’t abuse them in the future. Bai Xiaoxin knew that these were rumors of catching the wind, but the rumors would affect the normal work of Lin Senhe and Qin Zhijun, and decided to come forward to help them clarify the matter.

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