The Night of the Comet S2 彗星来的那一夜2 Episode 9 Plot

Lin Senhe approved Qin Zhijun’s plan. At the end of the meeting, he invited Qin Zhijun to have a meal. You Qingze consciously got up to say goodbye, not being a light bulb. Bai Xiaoxin has long prepared a romantic dating venue to help them resurrect their old relationships. The most intimate thing was the arrangement of cello performance, which reminded Qin Zhijun of their sweet time in college. Qin Zhijun was immersed in memories. Lin Senhe seemed unwilling to continue this topic and turned the conversation to work. Bai Xiaoxin asked the waiter to make a special drink for Lin Senhe with Coke and MSG. Lin Senhe drank the strange taste of the drink, and had no intention of having dinner with Qin Zhijun.

When the two returned to the room, Lin Lin and Bai Xiaoxin were tired to sleep. Lin Senhe wanted to wake Bai Xiaoxin, but she slept like a dead pig, so Lin Senhe could only pick her up and leave the room. Qin Zhijun felt sad when he saw Lin Senhe’s concern for Bai Xiaoxin. Bai Xiaoxin woke up early in the morning and found that she was actually sleeping in Lin Senhe’s room. Lin Senhe didn’t accept Bai Xiaoxin’s affection at all, and warned her not to bother with him and Qin Zhijun. Bai Xiaoxin’s kindness was not rewarded, and she was extremely depressed.

At this time Zhenzhen called again to question her that she had not returned all night, and Bai Xiaoxin gritted her teeth with hatred towards Lin Senhe. Bai Xiaoxin didn’t want to be the light bulb for Lin Senhe and Qin Zhijun, but wanted to sneak away to accompany Lin Lin. Lin Senhe insisted on her stay, and asked her to experience the amusement projects on the sea, and write a ten thousand words experience report. Lin Senhe made it clear that Bai Xiaoxin was playing, and Bai Xiaoxin bit his head and experienced all the projects.

Lin Senhe took Qin Zhijun to play marine projects again, and the two cooperated tacitly and sweetly. Bai Xiaoxin felt jealous when she saw it. Bai Xiaoxin arranged a romantic surprise at the Starlight Cabin, and she deliberately pretended that her stomach hurts and left. Lin Senhe and Qin Zhijun went to experience the Starlight Cabin. Seeing the layout of the room, Qin Zhijun remembered how they looked at the stars together in college. The surprise Bai Xiaoxin prepared moved Qin Zhijun’s heart. She couldn’t help but kiss Lin Senhe, but Bai Xiaoxin’s face flashed in Lin Senhe’s mind. He pushed Qin Zhijun away, which made Qin Zhijun a little embarrassed. Bai Xiaoxin personally made romance for Lin Senhe and Qin Zhijun, but she couldn’t just be a matchmaker safely, and couldn’t help but care about Lin Senhe.

Lin Senhe’s estrangement made Qin Zhijun feel that their feelings can no longer go back to the past, and they are full of loss. Bai Xiaoxin has been guarding her mobile phone, monitoring Lin Senhe’s blood pressure and heartbeat. I really advised her to ask Lin Senhe directly tomorrow, and not always worry about gains and losses at home. On Bai Xiaoxin’s birthday, Director Yan quietly told her Lin Senhe would prepare a birthday gift for the employees. Bai Xiaoxin did not dare to look forward to the gift, and only prayed secretly. If Lin Senhe and Qin Zhijun were able to achieve good results, she would not have to pay for them.

When Lin Senhe saw Bai Xiaoxin, he remembered that Qin Zhijun was about to kiss him last night. Bai Xiaoxin’s face flashed in the sea. Lin Senhe couldn’t face Bai Xiaoxin normally, but Bai Xiaoxin didn’t know his thoughts, and repeatedly suggested that he would give himself a birthday present. Lin Senhe arranged a lot of work for Bai Xiaoxin in order to hide his guilty conscience. Bai Xiaoxin didn’t wait for the birthday gift from Lin Senhe, so she could only celebrate her birthday with Dandan. Lin Senhe had been entangled in his heart. When he was with Qin Zhijun, he was thinking of Bai Xiaoxin.

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