The Night of the Comet S2 彗星来的那一夜2 Episode 8 Plot

Bai Xiaoxin couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night, so she touched the bathroom, but she didn’t want Lin Senhe to have a problem. She likes to sleep in the bathtub when she has insomnia. Bai Xiaoxin disturbed Lin Senhe and ran out quickly, but accidentally hurt her foot. Lin Senhe used an ice pack to help her apply, and the two were too close, almost lost. Lin Senhe hid in the room shyly, but tossed and turned on the bed, his blood pressure rose, and Bai Xiaoxin’s cell phone kept calling the police. Lin Senhe got up and went for a run on the beach, but Bai Xiaoxin overslept, panicking early in the morning.

Lin Senhe had given her clothes and breakfast a long time ago, and asked her to change into clothes and accompany him to the tender meeting. Bai Xiaoxin and Lin Senhe entered the company together, Director Yan couldn’t help but curiosity, and Bai Xiaoxin sent him off by chance. In order to change the result, Lin Senhe wanted to change the bidding result. He asked Bai Xiaoxin to select a proposal as the winning bid. Bai Xiao’s heart was Qin Zhijun’s company. When Lin Senhe saw Qin Zhijun, the whole person was stunned. Bai Xiaoxin’s cell phone called the police again and couldn’t help wondering about the relationship between them. Qin Zhijun and Lin Senhe are old acquaintances.

The two have not seen each other for seven years. They came together this time because of official business. Lin Senhe invited Qin Zhijun to eat. Qin Zhijun knew Lin Senhe’s taste very well and helped him order food skillfully. Bai Xiaoxin looked at them on the sidelines and couldn’t help but send a video to You Qingze to inquire about their relationship. You Qingze told Bai Xiaoxin that Qin Zhijun was Lin Senhe’s first girlfriend. The two were college classmates. They were a perfect couple. They used to love each other very much, but they didn’t know why they broke up. Lin Qingze was hit hard by that love affair.

When Bai Xiaoxin went to check her mobile phone, Qin Zhijun’s son Lin Lin suddenly came to her and learned from Qin Zhijun’s assistant, Director Qi, that Qin Zhijun was a single mother, and the more Bai Xiaoxin looked at Lin Lin, the more she looked like Lin Senhe. When Qin Zhijun introduced Lin Lin to Lin Senhe, Lin Lin suddenly called his father. Lin Senhe was taken aback, but after calming down, he didn’t mind Lin Lin calling him father. Bai Xiaoxin started to make up for the relationship between them, and she suspected that Qin Zhijun was pregnant with Lin Senhe’s child and raised him alone. Bai Xiaoxin couldn’t help but talk about Qin Zhijun and Lin Lin in front of Lin Senhe, and implied that Lin Senhe made up for Lin Lin and brought him and Qin Zhijun to reunite. You Qingze worried that after Qin Zhijun’s return, it would affect Lin Senhe’s mood. He finally got out of the shadow of the failure of the original relationship.

He was really worried that he would be injured again after seeing Qin Zhijun again. Bai Xiaoxin began to want to be nosy again, and wanted to help Lin Senhe and Qin Zhijun get back together, but she suddenly felt a little pain and reluctant. Although Bai Xiaoxin couldn’t bear it, but for the lovely Lin Lin, Bai Xiaoxin decided to understand the righteousness and help their family reunite. Bai Xiaoxin used work as an excuse to present to Qin Zhijun Inquiring about her personal preferences, maybe she asked too bluntly, Qin Zhijun questioned. Bai Xiaoxin sent Lin Senhe breakfast early in the morning, but Lin Senhe blocked the door to prevent her from entering. With Bai Xiaoxin’s insistence, she finally broke in.

In order to match Lin Senhe and Qin Zhijun, she even prepared a lot of clothes for him from the perspective of her post-00s. Lin Senhe looked very young under Bai Xiaoxin’s dress. Bai Xiaoxin was dumbfounded, and helped him tie his tie, but he was self-defeating and almost restrained Lin Senhe. Bai Xiaoxin accompanied Lin Senhe to pick up Qin Zhijun for a meeting. Qin Zhijun would take Lin Lin to the meeting. Bai Xiaoxin was afraid that Lin Lin would influence their date and wanted to stay with Lin Lin and let them go to the meeting. Lin Linren is a big little ghost with a serious look on his face. Bai Xiaoxin found that even his angry appearance was exactly the same as Lin Senhe, which further confirmed his guess.

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