Nothing But Thirty – 三十而已

A story about three vastly different women who reach their thirties while facing different challenges and decide to take matters into their own hands. Wang Man Ni is a strong-spirited lady who prides herself for having both beauty and brains and believes that she deserves better than what she has. As she falls in love with a man, she marries him immediately, yet later finds out that their differences are taking a huge toll on their relationship. Gu Jia was the homemaker behind her husband’s success from a nerdy programmer to the CEO of a company. She was also the perfect image of a full-time housewife.

When another woman threatens her marriage, she doesn’t back down and tries hard to save her relationship with her husband. Zhong Xiao Qin is an ordinary woman with an ordinary job, married to a man with a stable career. She is also a casual writer. One day, the unthinkable happens when the copyrights for her novels are suddenly sold at an exorbitant price, thus turner her into the breadwinner of the family. As a power imbalance is seen between Zhong Xiao Qin and her husband, their marriage is also shaken.

Nothing But Thirty – 三十而已
Also known as: San Shi Er Yi
Genre(s): Business, Romance, Life, Drama
Country: China
Episode(s): 45
Broadcast: Dragon TV
Release: Jul 17, 2020 – Aug 10, 2020
Starring:  Maggie Jiang, Tong Yao, Rachel Mao, Eric Yang, Li Ze Feng

Categories: Chinese Drama, TV Series

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