The Night of the Comet S2 彗星来的那一夜2 Episode 7 Plot

Scar Man was about to put the electric stick into the swimming pool, Director Yan rushed over with someone, Scar Man hurriedly left. Lin Senhe fainted. Bai Xiaoxin asked Director Yan to call for an ambulance, and she stayed behind to give Lin Senhe first aid using the first aid method she knew. She found that Lin Senhe was not’drowning’ but’sudden death’. After Lin Senhe’s “sudden death”, he recalled the past. When he was a child, he spent a happy time with his parents. One day, his parents went diving in the sea, encountered a storm, and never came back. Since then, Lin Senhe has an inexplicable fear of water. In order for him to grow up, Lin Zhiyang forced him to overcome his fear and practice in the water.

After Bai Xiaoxin rescued Lin Senhe, Lin Senhe woke up. He saw Scar Man holding an electric baton trying to attack him. Later, he fainted again and found himself in the hospital after waking up. Accompany him to the side. After Lin Senhe woke up, he was clamoring to be discharged. He asked Black Wind to investigate Scar Man, but found nothing. Lin Senhe discovered that Scar Man came at him, so the last time he drowned had nothing to do with Bai Xiaoxin. Bai Xiaoxin found that You Qingze and other company personnel did not know the news that Lin Senhe almost drowned. But Lin Senhe did not say, she could only choose to keep it secret.

Bai Xiaoxin persuaded Lin Senhe to get a good treatment. She had found that he almost died because of headaches twice, but Lin Senhe knew it well and did not listen to Bai Xiaoxin’s advice. Bai Xiaoxin’s concern for Lin Senhe could even be seen by his friend Dandan, but Bai Xiaoxin didn’t know that she unknowingly cared for Lin Senhe beyond the scope of his superiors and subordinates. Bai Xiaoxin took great pains to get Lin Senhe to the hospital for an examination. She even pretended to have a car accident and tricked Lin Senhe into the hospital. Lin Senhe was about to leave after learning that he was deceived, but Bai Xiaoxin hugged his leg, cried and shouted not to let him leave, insisting that he agree to an examination.

Lin Senhe had no choice but to agree to an inspection. The inspection report showed that Lin Senhe had no problems at all. Bai Xiaoxin told You Qingze that Lin Senhe had gone to the hospital for an examination, and asked him to care about him in life. Lin Senhe blamed Bai Xiao for too many things, but he enjoyed it in his heart. Zhenzhen found that Bai Xiaoxin had been paying attention to health-preserving information. Under her questioning, Bai Xiaoxin could only tell Zhenzhen Lin Senhe, Zhenzhen gave Bai Xiaoxin all the supplements she treasured, and let her take Lin Senhe. . Bai Xiaoxin changed Lin Senhe’s coffee into supplements on her own initiative. Lin Senhe looked cool on the surface and thought she was troublesome.

In fact, she really enjoyed it, but he obviously treated Bai Xiaoxin as an elderly person. Feeling dissatisfied. Lin Senhe put on the smart watch that Bai Xiaoxin prepared for him. Bai Xiaoxin checked his blood pressure and heart rate at any time, and found that whenever Lin Senhe lost his temper. At that time, her mobile phone called the police, and Bai Xiaoxin was bothered by the alarm. Despite the unbearable disturbance, Bai Xiaoxin still did not want to mute the phone, and kept an eye on Lin Senhe’s body. Bai Xiaoxin slept into the middle of the night and heard the alarm sound on the phone. She called Lin Senhe, but no one answered.

Bai Xiaoxin was worried about Lin Senhe’s accident, rushed to his house overnight, and rang the doorbell desperately but no one answered her. Bai Xiaoxin could only climb the door and set off the alarm. Lin Senhe was awakened and rescued Bai Xiaoxin from the security guard. After Bai Xiaoxin realized that she had made a mistake, she wanted to take the opportunity to drive away. Lin Senhe’s sleep was disturbed and a little annoyed. He asked Bai Xiaoxin to stay. Bai Xiaoxin admitted to the bed and didn’t want to stay overnight, but Lin Senhe said nothing, Bai Xiaoxin did not dare to refuse. Did not sleep well all night.

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