My Unfamiliar Family 아는 건 별로 없지만 가족입 Episode 16 End Plot

Pak Chan River know Kim Eun-hee of their three siblings to go home to celebrate Kim Sang-sik was discharged prior to Kim Eun-hee about it, pulls out a photograph that year Kim Eun beads marriage time, including Kim Sang-sik and Lee Jin-sook ‘s photo and a single photo, Kim Eun-hee think mother novels ever clip Looking at the photo of his father’s wedding, Park Canha admitted that he gave it to Li Jinsuk, and guessed that Li Jinsook would have a bad attitude towards their third siblings today, reminding Kim Eun Hee to be considerate.

Before returning home, Kim Eun-joo asked Kim Ji-woo to meet and revealed the news of her divorce. He also gave Kim Ji-woo a card to buy a cake when he returned home, reminding him not to take an example and never do anything that saddens his parents again. Kim Eun-hee and Kim Eun-joo went home first. Kim Ji-woo bought the cake and gave the necklace to his mother. But the mother didn’t buy it. She ruined the third siblings and asked them what they regarded as family members. They pointed out that they did not care. When his parents felt arbitrarily acting, Kim Ji-woo was so scared that he repeatedly admitted his mistakes, and Kim Sang-sik chased Kim Ji-woo away in anger.

Lee Jin-sook tried his best to plead for Jin Ji-woo. She deeply felt the feeling of being abandoned by her family. She just wanted to know why Jin Ji-woo had to run away from home. After her parents immigrated overseas, Lee Jin-sook was alone and alone. Kim Ji-woo confessed to her parents. Ask Kim Eun-hee to bring the cake, and the whole family celebrated Kim Sang-sik’s discharge from the hospital. Kim Ji-woo personally put the necklace on his mother, and the family relationship gradually eased.

Kim Eun-hee couldn’t wait to come to the studio to look for Park Can-ha after eating. Park Can-ha admitted that he had met Lee Jin-sook beforehand and revealed to her the real reason why Kim Ji-woo left home. Park Can-ha loved Lee Jin-sook. Kim Eun-hee looked at him seriously, and his love for him increased. Kind of, Park Canhe blushed by Kim Eun-hee’s affectionate gaze. Kim Eun-hee felt that the matter was not over yet. This is just the tip of the iceberg. If parents learn about the real reason for Kim Eun-joo’s divorce and the fact that Kim Ji-woo was cheated by his first love girlfriend for money, he will definitely do it again. Motivated by her, Kim Eun-xi complained endlessly, and Pu Canhe couldn’t help being amused by her. He casually said the three words “I love you”, and his face turned redder than before.

Liu Minyu helped Jin Eunzhu renovate the studio and gave her the invoice. Jin Eunzhu promised to transfer the money to him as soon as possible. Liu Minyu promised to support her as always. Jin Eunzhu was enthusiastic. Lee Jin-suk didn’t want Kim Sang-sik to drive again. Kim Sang-sik came to the motorcade to say goodbye to Wan-ho, and then returned to his beloved car.

Jin Zhiyu drove Park Canha and Ruiying back to the studio, passing by the wall of Deoksu Palace, Park Canha got off from here, standing by the wall, reminiscing about the little things he had with Jin Eunxi, Jin Eunxi called to find out He was outside the stone wall and immediately took a taxi and showed his love to Park Canhe. Park Canhe showed off the couple ring on his hand, took out another one for Kim Eunxi, and told her that I love you. Park Canhe couldn’t help but kiss Jin. Enxi, the two lovers are finally together.

Lee Jin-sook called to let the children go home. Kim Eun-hee came to pick up Kim Eun-joo after get off work. He saw that Kim Eun-joo and Yoo Min-woo had a good relationship. Yoo Min-woo admitted that he had chased after Kim Eun-joo when he first joined the job. Kim Eun-joo rejected him. Now he is also divorced and throws to Kim Eun-joo. The olive branch, Jin Eun-joo is noncommittal. Lee Jin-sook announced an important decision to Kim Eun-joo and Kim Eun-hee. She decided to move out and live alone with Kim Sang-sik, so that Kim Ji-woo would take good care of her family and take care of her father. Kim Eun-joo wanted to see her own father. Lee Jin-sook told her the detailed address and Kim Eun-joo came.

In the father’s painting exhibition, his father repeatedly explained that he had already married, and he also took out his own paintings for Kim Eun-joo to appreciate. Kim Eun-joo was not interested in it. She just wanted to take a look, and then resolutely left. Park Canha stays with Kim Eun Hee Gian as soon as he has time. Seo Young tells Kim Ji Woo that Park Can Ha is in love. Kim Ji Woo thinks Park Can Ha is dating a blind date. Seo Young jokes that he is Yumu’s head. .

Lee Jinsuk packed her luggage and left home. She wanted to fulfill her wish to go out and take a look. Kim Sang-sik fully supported her. Kim Sang-sik gets along well with his three children. They gather to eat together whenever they have time, and their lives are flat and warm. One year later, Kim Eun-joo came to the Happy Health Center to see Yoon Tae-hyung. The two sat on the beach and talked together. They were as relaxed as old friends. Yoon Tae-hyung explained that Kim Eun-hee often contacted him, but Kim Ji-woo never called him.

When Jin Eunxi and Park Canha were having dinner together, Park Canha’s mother called. Park Canha truthfully answered that he was with Jin Eunxi. He had already reported to his mother about his relationship with Jin Eunxi. At this moment, Jin Jiyu and Jin Eunzhu came to see Jin Eunxi and Park Canhe. Scared and hurriedly put on the outer cover, Jin Zhiyu did not expect that the two of them were in love, and was sincerely happy for them. Jin Zhiyu often saw his parents video chat, and his father played the piano and sang to his mother.

Lee Jinsuk traveled a circle and returned to her home. Kim Sang-sik was very happy. Kim Eun-hee, Kim Eun-joo and Kim Ji-woo went home one after another. Lee Jin-sook couldn’t wait to give everyone a flower dress to wear on the beach, and then shared photos and photos from her trip with Kim Sang-sik. Upon seeing and hearing, Li Zhensuk also invited the children to watch it together, and the family was full of laughter. Ruiying called Jin Zhiyu’s ex-girlfriend, and often took Jin Zhiyu to post pictures to the Internet, and Jin Zhiyu fully cooperated. Lee Jin-sook came to see her sister in the nursing home, and Kim Sang-sik followed and brought her a bunch of flowers.

Kim Sang-sik sent a message in the group to invite the children to travel together. They were silent. Kim Eun-joo was too busy at work. Kim Ji-woo wanted to wait for his sisters to reply. Lee Jin-suk would return the message to Kim Sang-suk. He wanted to have a trip for two people. .

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