Basic Theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine has a long and complex history, yet the basic principles at the heart of practice remain, and are just as important today. Without a solid grounding in these basic theories, effective practice cannot take place, and this book provides a complete introduction to everything that practitioners, both new and experienced, need to know. The authors outline all of the fundamental theories of the TCM approach, including yin/yang, the five elements, the zang and fu organs, Zang Xiang, Qi and the meridians and collaterals of the body. Explaining the basic principles upon which these elements work, and how they interrelate, the authors describe how they can be used to identify, treat and prevent ill-health and disease. This thorough and accessible book, compiled by the China Beijing International Acupuncture Training Center (CBIATC), is essential reading for students of traditional Chinese medicine, and will also be a useful basic reference for TCM practitioners.
Title: Basic Theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Alternative name:
Author: Zhu Bing and Wang Hongcai (Editor)
Genre: Medicine, Medical
Release: Singing Dragon; 1 edition (15 May 2010)
Language: English
Page(Chapter): 192
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