The Night of the Comet S2 彗星来的那一夜2 Episode 5 Plot

In order to change the ending, Lin Senhe began to try to do something different from before. He didn’t like attending the dinner party, but in order to change, he reluctantly attended the Haisha dinner party. Lin Senhe asked You Qingze to accompany him. Bai Xiaoxin helped Lin Senhe get the dress and hurried back to the company, but Lin Senhe refused to let her sit in the same elevator with herself. Bai Xiaoxin kept staring at Lin Senhe’s clothes at the Haisha dinner. It turned out that his trousers were accidentally scratched by the staff in the store. At that time, there was no time to change anything. Bai Xiaoxin could only bring the torn clothes back. She was afraid of being discovered. ,

Let Lin Senhe find an excuse to fire her, and divert Lin Senhe’s attention all night. Lin Senhe was invited to speak on stage. He habitually put his hands in his pockets and found that a hole was broken in the trouser pocket. Lin Senhe faced it calmly and didn’t let the people in the audience notice the abnormality. After Lin Senhe’s speech, he walked to the stage. Bai Xiaoxin felt bad and ran away. Lin Senhe was about to chase him. He found that a mysterious man in the reporter team was taking pictures of him.

This man appeared on the day of his accident. On the yacht, and prepare oxygen cylinders for them. The mysterious man ran away when he saw Lin Senhe, Lin Senhe hurriedly chased him, but lost his track. Lin Senhe suddenly felt a splitting headache. When Bai Xiaoxin saw that he wanted to go up and explain the pants, Lin Senhe asked her to leave and expelled her. Bai Xiaoxin was driven away, very angry, but she couldn’t let Lin Senhe go. She was about to go back, just when You Qingze helped Lin Senhe to rest on the sofa, she went back to the banquet hall to have a big meal. Lin Senhe asked the staff of the banquet hall to find out the origin of the mysterious man. When he left the banquet hall, he saw Bai Xiaoxin vomiting because of eating too much. Lin Senhe rarely showed compassion and wanted to send Bai Xiaoxin home. Bai Xiaoxin accidentally slapped her foot when she got out of the car.

Lin Senhe carried her on her back. Lin Senhe suddenly became a chattering old man. He kept reminding Bai Xiaoxin not to make dangerous moves in the future. Bai Xiaoxin nodded obediently and agreed. Bai Xiaoxin’s aunt really went downstairs to throw garbage, just in time to see Lin Senhe carrying Bai Xiaoxin on his back. I really enthusiastically invited Lin Senhe to drink tea at home. Lin Senhe sat on her sofa like a needle felt. I really mistakenly thought that Lin Senhe and Bai Xiaoxin were boy and girl friends.

After asking about Lin Senhe’s personal affairs straightforwardly, Lin Senhe quickly dismissed the relationship with Bai Xiaoxin. Lin Senhe was dumbfounded by the real housework of tears and tears. Lin Senhe learned from Zhenzhen that Bai Xiaoxin’s parents had died since she was a child, and she couldn’t help feeling sympathy for her. Lin Senhe, like Bai Xiaoxin, lost her parents since she was a child. He comforted Bai Xiaoxin that perhaps her parents were living happily in another parallel space. Bai Xiaoxin agreed with his point of view and was very interested in the parallel space. The two rarely shared a topic.

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