The Devil In A Suit

Zhao Xing Yu (邵馨妤), a second-rate novelist who is always unable to write good novels, disguised herself as a man by the nickname “Zhao Xing Yu “邵昕余” and risked her life to sneak into the legendary male group resort Rong Guang Group, preparing to write a best-selling novel based on President Wen Qi Jin. Wen Qi Jin was cold and arrogant, scaring away many assistants. By the way, the careless “Youth”, Zhao Xin Yu appeared in front of him, and his heart started to beat even faster.

The Devil In A Suit
Alternative Name:
Genre: Comedy, Manhua, Office Life, Romance
Author: Dong Ying Comic
Release: unknown
Status: ongoing

Categories: Chinese Manhua, Comic

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