The Night of the Comet S2 彗星来的那一夜2 Episode 4 Plot

Bai Xiaoxin has never forgotten the things in her dreams. It is too real. Her mood has been affected early in the morning. However, as an assistant, she still has to cheer up facing the boss. Lin Senhe not only postponed the opening ceremony of the island, but also spent a lot of money to find an expert to detect the blue hole. This matter went viral outside. The shareholders could not sit still and put pressure on You Zhongshu, the group’s executive chairman. You Zhongshu asked You Qingze to learn more. You Qingze did not want to talk about Lin Senhe in front of his cousin You Zimo. The slides that Bai Xiaoxin made were as perverted as ever, using the most popular Internet language of the post-00s.

Lin Senhe’s face was green when he saw the slides, but it was not easy to break out in the meeting. The meeting ended hastily. Lin Senhe lost his temper when he returned to the office, reprimanding Bai Xiaoxin for being clever, and he wanted to drive her away again. It happened that You Zhongshu and You Qingze came in, and You Qingze introduced Bai Xiaoxin to You Zhongshu. Bai Xiaoxin learned that You Zhongshu was the father of You Qingze, and her attitude immediately became very respectful. Lin Senhe wants to fire Bai Xiaoxin, and You Qingze frightens him. If Bai Xiaoxin is fired, he will not help him pour coffee. Lin Senhe gave in reluctantly and let Bai Xiaoxin go out and pour three cups of coffee.

Director Yan and others squeezed a sweat for Bai Xiaoxin, and were happy for her to learn that she was safe and sound. Shareholders put pressure on You Zhongshu, and he could only find Lin Senhe for details of the extension. Lin Senhe could not explain clearly, but he promised to give shareholders an explanation. You Zhongshu promised to help him withstand the pressure and let him handle things as soon as possible. Although You Zhongshu agreed to stand by Lin Senhe’s side, he himself didn’t know how things would develop. The pressure was getting heavier and he was frowning. Bai Xiaoxin accidentally dropped the pen on the ground, and You Qingze helped her pick it up very considerately.

Bai Xiaoxin thanked him for helping her speak in order to keep her job. You Qingze reminded Bai Xiaoxin not to use internet language in the meeting materials. Bai Xiaoxin listened to You Qingze’s reminder and worked overtime to modify the meeting materials. Seeing her cynicism and sarcasm, Bai Xiaoxin simply quit and went off work with him. The two entered the elevator, the company’s switch was destroyed, and the two were trapped in the elevator. Lin Senhe screamed in fright, and Bai Xiaoxin deliberately mocked him. Lin Senhe asked her to stand on her knees, waiting for rescue. After waiting for a long time, no one came. Bai Xiaoxin was too tired, Lin Senhe asked her to sit down slowly. Bai Xiaoxin deliberately told Lin Senhe ghost stories in the dark. Lin Senhe shivered with fear. Bai Xiaoxin finally saw Lin Senhe’s fragile side.

There was a panic in the elevator, Lin Senhe couldn’t calm down for a long time, and Bai Xiaoxin accompanied him home on the grounds of protecting him. Lin Senhe returned home and lay on the sofa to rest. He dreamed that Bai Xiaoxin had become impermanent and wanted to kill him. He woke up and saw Bai Xiaoxin as soon as he opened his eyes. In his excitement, he pushed Bai Xiaoxin down, Bai Xiao My heart hit the coffee table and a big bag swelled. Lin Senhe cooked a bowl of noodles for Bai Xiaoxin in order to apologize. When Bai Xiaoxin ate a bowl of noodles, Lin Senhe drove him away and warned her to keep a safe distance from herself.

When Bai Xiaoxin returned to her aunt’s house in the urban area, her aunt saw that she was wearing a bell on her wrist, which was given to her by Lin Senhe. The aunt told her that only the owner would wear bells for pets, and no one would give bells as gifts to others. Bai Xiaoxin was very depressed.

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