The Night of the Comet S2 彗星来的那一夜2 Episode 3 Plot

Lin Senhe described it very truthfully, but You Qingze was not convinced. He even suspected Lin Senhe’s mental problem was wrong. You Qingze has always been Lin Senhe’s best friend. Although he can’t believe his words, he still tries his best to help him share his worries. You Qingze helped Lin Senhe choose new assistants within the group. There were a large number of girls in the group who wanted to get close to Lin Senhe, but he was so picky that every assistant couldn’t hold on for five minutes, so he ran out crying while covering his face.

In desperation, You Qingze could only go into battle in person, persuading him not to be too picky. Lin Senhe was restless and grumpy because of the blue hole detection. The blue hole problem has not been solved, and his mood cannot be calmed down. When You Qingze went to buy coffee for Lin Senhe, a woman in the cafe deliberately made things difficult for the waiter.

Bai Xiao’s heart was not flat, she was clever, and the woman was speechless. You Qingze on the side saw that Bai Xiaoxin’s memory and expressiveness were very good, so he approached and asked Bai Xiaoxin to apply for Lin Senhe’s assistant. Bai Xiao was very excited, but still pretended to be reserved and agreed to consider it.

Bai Xiaoxin went to the interview by appointment and found that the interview company was at the same location as the interview anchor two days ago. She secretly prayed not to meet Lin Senhe again. Because of You Qingze’s recommendation, the staff skipped the interview and directly signed a contract with Bai Xiaoxin. Bai Xiaoxin took the post directly, and when Lin Senhe saw her, he wanted to drive her out as if he had seen a ghost. Yuanjia Lu is narrow, and Bai Xiaoxin doesn’t look good when she sees him. Lin Senhe was simple and rude, and directly carried her out.

Bai Xiaoxin was driven out by Lin Senhe twice, but she was dissatisfied and asked to be clear when she went in again. Lin Senhe didn’t want to explain, Bai Xiaoxin directly took out the employment contract and patted him on the table, warning him that if she was dismissed without reason, she would have to pay three months’ wages and she would go to labor arbitration. Bai Xiaoxin originally wanted to squander Lin Senhe a sum of money, but Lin Senhe changed her mind and decided to give her a one-month trial period.

The torture was too much for her to take the initiative to leave. You Qingze handed the assistant manual left by Xiaolan to Bai Xiaoxin. Seeing the handsome You Qingze, Bai Xiaoxin decided to reluctantly take the job. Bai Xiaoxin went back to the dormitory to study the assistant’s manual, and found that what she had encountered was a demon who was addicted to coffee, but Bai Xiaoxin would not easily retreat. Early in the morning, Bai Xiaoxin smiled and picked up Lin Senhe from the basement. The elevator suddenly broke down. Lin Senhe was a little nervous, holding his mobile phone and brushing wildly. The elevator door opened, and Lin Senhe rushed out at the speed of an arrow, for fear that Bai Xiaoxin, the plague god, would bring disaster to him.

Lin Senhe is picky about the temperature of the coffee that Bai Xiaoxin is brewing. Who knows that Bai Xiaoxin has already responded to it and took out a thermometer to test it to him. Lin Senhe could not find a reason, so he could only drink tea instead, no matter what Lin Senhe did To be picky, Bai Xiaoxin responded calmly, without any panic. The two men fought back and forth on the first day of work. Lin Senhe asked his personal assistant Black Wind to find an expert to detect the blue hole’s magnetic field.

After many tests, the blue hole was normal. Lin Senhe took out the handwritten information to Bai Xiaoxin and asked her to organize the slides. Bai Xiaoxin took a deep breath when she saw Lin Senhe’s handwriting. You Qingze couldn’t stand it anymore, exposing that Lin Senhe had never needed slides before in meetings. Lin Senhe simply admitted that he was deliberately finding fault. Bai Xiaoxin is not a person who easily admits defeat. She worked overtime overnight to make a slideshow. What happened in the Blue Hole has been plagued by Lin Senhe.

He has not been able to find an answer to explain the matter. He has the idea of ​​keeping Bai Xiaoxin by his side, allowing dangerous things to happen in advance, and he is always afraid after saving. Lin Senhe and Bai Xiaoxin had the same dream. What happened in Blue Hole was so real that Bai Xiaoxin was awakened from the dream.

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