On-Lie Game – 迷網

Technology Crime Division Senior Inspector Mat Yeung and Inspector Hera Chan are friends and have a mentor relationship at work. They solve various phone, Internet and technology fraud cases. While Mat is investigating an online dating case, he re-encounters his ex-girlfriend Samantha Ko, who coincidentally has broken up with her husband (Stefan Wong). Mat and Samantha’s romance is rekindled… Hera is emotionally devastated when she mistakenly causes her family to be cheated of their money.

Luckily, Mat is by her side to support her as she stands up again. At the same time, a London gold scam sweeps through town. Even Stefan and Samantha are caught up in it. Dangers lurk everywhere. The scam is actually controlled by a powerful organization whose mastermind is the one who cheated Hera’s family… Mat and Hera work side by side and vow to bring the fraudsters to justice.

On-Lie Game – 迷網
Also known as: 網絡騙案
Genre(s): Drama
Country: Hong Kong
Episode(s): 25
Broadcast: TVB
Release: July 13, 2020 – Aug 14, 2020
Starring:  Matt Yeung, Samantha Ko

Categories: Chinese Drama, TV Series

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