The Night of the Comet S2 彗星来的那一夜2 Episode 2 Plot

Comet Dovetail deviated from its orbit, and its arrival caused a sudden vortex on the bottom of the sea. Lin Senhe was forced to let go of Bai Xiaoxin and was drawn into the vortex, while Bai Xiaoxin floated to the surface. Lin Senhe suddenly woke up. He unexpectedly returned to the interview site two months ago. Lin Senhe could not explain what happened before him. He was clearly in the blue hole in the sea and was caught in a whirlpool, and now he returned to the interview site. . At this moment, he heard Bai Xiaoxin’s voice, and immediately went over to grab her. Bai Xiaoxin repeatedly emphasized that it was the first time that he met him, and could not remember what had just happened.

Bai Xiaoxin’s interview words are exactly the same as before. Lin Senhe almost lost her life because of Bai Xiaoxin. This time he will not let Bai Xiaoxin approach him anyway. Lin Senhe exposed the lie that Bai Xiaoxin could not dive on the spot, and asked the security to pull her out, canceling the anchor selection. Bai Xiaoxin was regarded as a liar by Lin Senhe for no reason. She was very unconvinced and nearly ran into You Qingze’s car outside the Lin group. Seeing the handsome You Qingze, Bai Xiaoxin became a nymphomaniac and asked him for a QQ account. You Qingze gave her his business card. Lin Senhe couldn’t understand what happened to him. He found a lot of information to verify the usual time and space.

Lin Senhe cancelled the anchor selection and wanted to delay the island opening ceremony. Sanming Island is a key project of the Lin Group. Once it is postponed, the consequences will be unimaginable. Lin Senhe was determined to postpone it indefinitely because he could not figure out the blue hole. Lin Senhe’s secretary, Xiaolan, fainted in fright when he heard him postpone, and took sick leave on the spot. Xiaolan asked for leave, and the papers on Lin Senhe’s desk were in a mess. He could only ask You Qingze to help organize them. Seeing that he couldn’t even handle life, Yu Qingze wanted to re-arrange an assistant for him, but Lin Senhe refused. After Bai Xiaoxin met You Qingze, she had never forgotten about her.

She had long forgotten the unpleasantness of the interview, but she was careless and lost your business card. Bai Xiao thought that she had ran into an insurance broker at the door of the Lin Group and lost her business card. She hurried back to the scene and finally found Yu Qingze’s business card in the flower bed. Bai Xiaoxin, who got her wish, mounted her balance bike and was about to leave. Unexpectedly, when Lin Senhe drove by, Bai Xiaoxin fell and the balance bike was scraped under the car. Lin Senhe was startled when he saw Bai Xiaoxin, saw her scratched, and was about to send her home, but suddenly a scene of a car crash flashed in his mind.

Lin Senhe discovered that Bai Xiaoxin was an unknown woman, and being with her would only bring disaster to herself, and hurriedly drove her off the car. Lin Senhe transferred a sum of money to Bai Xiaoxin and called a taxi for her. Bai Xiaoxin immediately added You Qingze’s WeChat account and sent him a message that You Qingze was at Lin Senhe’s house. The prompt sounded, and Yu Qingze took his hand, not square He looked at the phone and asked Lin Senhe to take a look. Lin Senhe mistakenly thought it was fraudulent news, and directly blacked Bai Xiaoxin.

Bai Xiaoxin was looking forward to waiting for You Qingze’s reply, but she discovered that she was blacked out. Lin Senhe was worried all night. You Qingze was very worried about him. Lin Senhe told You Qingze that he might have encountered a parallel time and space. He found himself dead on the day of opening the island two months later. You Qingze felt confused. , Can’t understand at all.

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