The Night of the Comet S2 彗星来的那一夜2 Episode 1 Plot

Lin Senhe is a arrogant and domineering post-80s president who works decisively. His Lin Group has developed a tourism project on Sanming Island and needs to recruit some new faces to do the live broadcast. Bai Xiaoxin is an early-witted college student born after 00, a ghost, and she has nothing to do and dreams all day long. Her biggest dream is to find an easy and profitable job. She saw the recruitment advertisement of Lin Group on the Internet and felt her spring. coming. When Bai Xiaoxin came to the recruitment site, she was shocked.

The dress she carefully prepared had long been messed up. Most of the girls on the scene followed her cute, sweet, and fresh route. Bai Xiaoxin suddenly felt that Yali Mountain was big. Lin Senhe’s original plan was to recruit some new faces, but as a result, all those who applied for the job were the original anchors of the short video, and there was nothing new. Lin Senhe, whose face was already stinky, became even more ugly. At the beginning of the interview, he impatiently asked the girl who was performing the dance to step back and remove her makeup. The girl was scolded in public and couldn’t help crying.

Bai Xiaoxin comforted her and called Lin Senhe an uncle born in the 1980s and an old man. Lin Senhe’s words happened to be heard. Bai Xiaoxin made a mistake during the interview and introduced the wrong scenic spot. Lin Senhe couldn’t help but be angry with Director Yan, reprimanding him that the people he had found were all people of average aptitude. In order to highlight the novelty,

Bai Xiaoxin actually performed insect-eating in public to prove that she was bold, but these little tricks cannot fool Lin Senhe. Bai Xiaoxin simply gave up, saying that she was versatile and likes deep diving because she felt embraced by the sea when she was diving. These words moved Lin Senhe and Bai Xiaoxin passed the interview smoothly. There are still two months before the opening ceremony of Sanming Island. Director Yan is responsible for training the anchors who passed the interview. Bai Xiaoxin thinks that to be an anchor is to be well-dressed, and explain to everyone, who knows that training is so tiring. Director Yan is very strict. He has no pity for these girls. They are very demanding during the training camp, and Bai Xiaoxin is caught every time she wants to be lazy. The devilish training session finally ended.

Director Yan took the anchors to Sanming Island and arranged live broadcast for them. Bai Xiaoxin was arranged to do live diving. Diving was the highlight of the ceremony. Everyone was envious and hated towards Bai Xiaoxin. Bai Xiaoxin doesn’t know how to dive at all. She lied about the interview successfully, but now she is asked to go live diving. She is afraid of being exposed, and she has repeatedly delayed. Director Yan told her that she was Lin Senhe’s only female companion this time, and that all the girls dreamed of the opportunity and persuaded her to seize the opportunity. Bai Xiaoxin pretended to be Lin Senhe’s girlfriend, got his room card from the front desk, and wanted to hold the Buddha’s feet temporarily and practice diving in the swimming pool.

Bai Xiaoxin had never dived before, so she could only send a message to her friends for help. She put on a swimsuit and practiced in the pool first. Lin Senhehe Company’s Finance Director and friend You Qingze came to the island ahead of time. When he took the room card from the front desk, the front desk suddenly wished him a nice evening. Lin Senhe was puzzled. When he came to the room, he found that someone had already checked in. , The suitcase was opened and clothes were scattered all over the floor.

Lin Senhe saw someone diving in the pool, so he walked over. Bai Xiaoxin didn’t know someone had come, and almost treated Lin Senhe as a perverted pervert when she came out of the water. Lin Senhe took Bai Xiaoxin up from the swimming pool, and Yu Qingze rushed to his room after hearing the sound. Bai Xiaoxin allowed Lin Senhe to ask, but she didn’t admit that she had cheated the room card from the front desk, and insisted that she had taken the wrong one. At this time, Bai Xiaoxin took the video call from her friend, and her friend said that Bai Xiaoxin could not dive. Lin Senhe was furious, Bai Xiaoxin looked pitiful, and asked You Qingze for help. You Qingze suggested that she should practice first.

On the day of the island opening ceremony, Bai Xiaoxin was frightened by the battle in front of her. She was about to escape, but was caught by Lin Senhe and took her yacht. When she was in the water, Bai Xiaoxin retreated again and begged to use a substitute. Lin Senhe disagreed, and Bai Xiaoxin could only bite the bullet and dive into the water. As the two dived deeper and deeper, Bai Xiaoxin felt uncomfortable and took off the oxygen mask. Lin Senhe hurried over and inserted the oxygen tube into her mouth. At this time, a whirlpool suddenly appeared on the seabed and Lin Senhe was swept in. Life and death are at stake, Bai Xiaoxin regrets it and dare not lie.

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