My Unfamiliar Family 아는 건 별로 없지만 가족입 Episode 14 Plot

Jin Enxi went home and turned up the diary of so many years, which recorded her emotional experience in detail. Jin Enxi decided to put down the clan completely, and put the diary into a big box to seal up. Jin Enxi couldn’t help but remember that he came out when he was thirty. In the renting scene, Kim Sang-sik drove her to bring her luggage, and left without wanting to stay for a minute. Kim Eun-xi saw from the window that he had been in the car for a long time before leaving, guessing that he was secretly wiping tears, Kim Eun-xi thought. Break free from the shackles of the family, but she felt deeply lonely when she moved out.

Yoon Taehyung called to talk with Lee Jinsuk. Lee Jinsuk was like a big enemy, and came downstairs early to wait. As soon as Yoon Taehyung arrived, Kim Eun-joo called him to show his mother with him. Kim Eun-joo quickly took a taxi home, she and Yoon Tae-hyung went home to see his mother. Yoon Tae-hyung announced that they were going to divorce. Lee Jin-sook was stunned. Kim Eun-joo repeatedly claimed that he no longer loves Yoon Tae-hyung. Lee Jin-sook didn’t believe it and asked the reason. Yoon-tae-hyung admitted that he married Kim Eun-joo in order to escape the family. , Thinking she was also trying to escape from the family, and now knowing that Kim Eun-joo needs someone who truly loves her, Yoon Tae-hyung had to let go. Lee Jin-sook was very sad, but helpless.

Lee Jin-sook is very self-blame. He feels that he has not fulfilled his responsibilities as a mother that made Kim Eun-joo want to escape from the family. Kim Eun-joo persuades her not to think about it. Lee Jin-sook wants to tell Kim Sang-sik about their divorce. Ruiying discovered that Jin Zhiyu was in love with a female netizen who was far away in Toronto, and she immediately reported to Park Canhe.

Kim Eun-xi learned from Kim Ji-woo that Park Can-ha was going to take a driving school test today, so he came to the driving school to wait for him early. Kim E-n-xi was shocked by Park Can-ha’s confession. She didn’t sleep all night and put on the ring that Park Can-ha gave her. At the beginning, Park Canhe admitted that in the years when he lost contact with her, he could think of her countless nights. He went back to the bookstore she often went to, looking forward to meeting her. Park Canhe thanked her for her company and bravely got up to take the exam. Kim Eun-xi passed the exam smoothly in one effort, and Kim Eun-xi was also happy for him.

Lee Jin-suk accompanied Kim Sang-sik to the hospital for a review. It was found that his brain had a tumor that needed surgical removal. Kim Sang-sik wanted to arrange his work and came to the operation. Lee Jin-sook saw Yoon Tae-hyung’s mother bringing the doctors to the rounds from a distance. After a hurried passing, Lee Jin-sook stopped being angry, regretting marrying Kim Eun-joo to such a family, she hurriedly pulled Kim Sang-sik and left.

Kim Ji-woo begged Lee Jin-sook to let Kim Sang-sik move back home. He thought that one day he would move out on his own, leaving only Lee Jin-sook at home. Kim Sang-sik makes an excuse to go out for a while, so Young-sik takes Yong-gyu to Ulsan to find his ex-wife. Kim Eun-xi and Kim Eun-joo made an appointment to meet at Liu Min-woo’s office. As soon as Liu Min-woo entered the building, he saw the address of Kim Eun-hee in the office, so he took the initiative to greet Kim Eun-hee and brought her to the upstairs lounge area. Liu Min-woo and colleagues chatted Kim Eun-joo and Kim Eun-joo came afterwards. Kim Eun-hee deliberately greeted her loudly and publicly stated their relationship. Liu Minyu hurried over to greet Kim Eun-hee, claiming that he had known Kim Eun-hee from Kim Eun-joo.

On the way home, Kim Eun-hee curiously asked about the relationship between Kim Eun-joo and Yoo Min-woo. Kim Eun-joo repeatedly explained that he was a former colleague, and only once drank and chatted about Kim Eun-hee. Kim Eun-hee brought Kim Eun-joo to see Kim Sang-sik and saw that he and Young-sik lived in a dilapidated house. He advised him to take the money to rent a better house. Kim Sang-sik persuaded Kim Eun-joo to find his biological father. Don’t take into account his feelings. As long as Lee Jin-sook is with him, he is content, but Kim Eun-joo doesn’t want to find it.

Jin Eunxi and Park Canhe began to fall in love. Kim Eun-joo came to Yoon Tae-hyung’s clinic and saw the workers moving, Yoon Tae-hyung was also packing his own things. Kim Eun-joo persuaded him to let go of his hatred and reconcile with his mother. As soon as Kim Eun-joo went out, she received a call from her mother-in-law. She bluntly asked about the mental damage fee. She pointed out that Yoon Tae Hyung was more painful than him, and her mother-in-law couldn’t help but burst into tears.

Kim Sang-sik was hospitalized to prepare for surgery. Lee Jin-sook took the opportunity to come to the team and decided to sell Kim Sang-sik’s beloved truck Fuxing, lest he wanted to drive after the operation. Lee Jin-sook came to Kim Sang-sik’s truck and saw Kim Sang-sik’s notebook, which briefly recorded him There are a few pages full of his life and emotions, as well as a list of pages that I want to invite to Kim Eun Joo’s wedding. Unexpectedly, Kim Eun Joo only gave Kim Sang Sang ten invitations. When Kim Sang Sang returned home, he was angry at Lee Jin Sook. Lee Jin Sook looked at Kim Sang Sik’s diary and burst into tears. .

Jin Zhiyu and Park Canha offered to resign, but Park Canha didn’t take it seriously. Ruiying accidentally discovered that Jin Zhiyu went to the bank to pick it up. He revealed that he had a Toronto girlfriend. Jin Zhiyu had to admit that it was his junior high school classmate. Park Canhe soon received Jin Zhiyu’s message that he was already at the airport and was going to fly to Toronto to find a girlfriend. Park Canhe called Jin Enxi the first time he wanted to go to the airport to stop him, but the plane had already taken off.

Today is the day of Kim Sang-sik’s operation. Lee Jin-sook has been waiting anxiously at the door of the operating room with Kim Eun-joo and Kim Eun-hee. Due to the poor location of the tumor, the doctor took a long time to remove the tumor. Lee Jin-suk brought Kim Eun-hee and Kim Eun-joo to the ward. Opened my eyes and glanced at the three of them, they were gone, and the medical staff were unable to rescue them with all their strength. The mother and daughter were in pain.

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