Love Story of Court Enemies – 那江烟花那江雨

The story is set in the Yuan year of the Yongzheng era. In the time of chaos, Yu Xing and her sister Cai Feng were separated. When Yu Xing knew that Cai Feng had entered the palace as a consort candidate, she decides to follow suit as a chef trainee. Her culinary skills deeply impressed the Emperor, and she was quickly promoted through the ranks. However during the Empress Dowager’s funeral, she accidentally breached a taboo and offended the Emperor. She was then sent to the countryside to do manual labour. There, she got to befriend a healer and picked up medical skills. Using her new-found skills, she managed to help the people who were suffering from a widespread pandemic. When she returned to the capital, she enrolled into the imperial medical college and started from the bottom as a trainee practitioner. She also finds love with general Yue Zong Lin.

Love Story of Court Enemies – 那江烟花那江雨ti
Also known as: 深宫之步步杀机, Shen Gong Zhi Bu Bu Sha Ji, Yu Xing Ru Yuan Zhi Bu Bu Sha Ji, 语星如愿之步步杀机, Na Jiang Yan Hua Na Jiang Yu, Palace Step By Step To Fade
Genre(s): Suspense, Historical, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Episode(s): 25
Broadcast: Jul 8, 2020 – Aug 12, 2020
Release: Mango
Starring: Wu Jia Yi, Zhao Yi Qin, Han Jiu Nuo, Yu Xuan Hong Hao, Gan Ting Ting, Aaron Wang

Categories: Chinese Drama, TV Series

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