Lord of the People of Online Games

Farming, summoning, fighting for hegemony. Players from all over the world are trapped in the world of the online game “Lord”, with various civilizations fighting for hegemony. Civil servants, ninja warriors, angels and griffon knights dance wildly!

The protagonist of the Eastern Han Dynasty expressed that he only wanted to farm silently, but he got an achievement system. Farewell My Concubine, the Great Wall of China, the unification of the thirteen states, the Fenglangjuxu…… unlock achievements to get rich rewards.
Title: Lord of the People of Online Games
Alternative name: 网游之全民领主
Author: Dahan guard
Genre: novel, game
Page(Chapter): 562
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“Damn, why can’t I quit the game!”

“The same is true for you? Is this the malice of the game company?”

“I never dare to play games anymore, let me go back soon!”

Lord World, East Han District, more than hundreds of millions of players found themselves unable to go offline and were trapped in this world.

“Lord Online” is an online game that integrates all ancient civilizations and even myths and legends in the world. Its territory is ten times the size of the ordinary world. It is divided into four continents-Eastern Continent (Asian Civilization) and Western Continent (Europe and America). Civilization), desert continent (India, Middle East and Africa), Atlantis continent (neutral zone).

Each continent is divided into several civilizations. The eastern continent includes the Chinese civilization, the samurai civilization, the Goryeo civilization, and the grassland civilization; the western continent includes the Roman civilization, the Greek civilization, the Macedonian civilization, and the Viking civilization; the desert continent includes the Egyptian civilization and ancient civilizations. Persian civilization, ancient Indian civilization, chieftain civilization, etc.

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Chapter 3
Chapter 5
Chapter 7
Chapter 9
Chapter 11
Chapter 13
Chapter 15
Chapter 17
Chapter 19
Chapter 2
Chapter 4
Chapter 6
Chapter 8
Chapter 10
Chapter 12
Chapter 14
Chapter 16
Chapter 18
Chapter 20

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