My Unfamiliar Family 아는 건 별로 없지만 가족입 Episode 12 Plot

Kim Eun-hee and Park Chan River resolve misunderstandings Lee Jin-sook and Kim Sang-sik began dating

Lin Jianzhou came out and saw Park Canhe and Jin Enxi showdown. He didn’t comfort Jin Enxi who was cold, and left silently. Kim Sang-sik clearly remembered that when he took pictures with Lee Jin-suk at the age of 22, he agreed with Kim Eun-joo in his stomach that he would accompany her to grow up healthy and happy, and give her a happy life. Kim Sang-sik felt that he had not kept his promise, and Yoon Tae-hyung felt that Kim Sang-sik cultivated Kim Eun-joo. Kim Sang-sik excitedly talked about Kim Eun-joo’s cuteness and beauty when he was a child, but he just wanted to make money and missed Kim Eun-joo’s growth. Kim Sang-sik took out the passbook, which was the money he had saved for Kim Eun-joo over the years.

Kim Eun-joo didn’t appreciate it, and felt that Kim Sang-sik was paying off the debt. If she were Kim Eun-hee, Kim Sang-sik would be frank, and would never have so much guilt. Kim Eun-joo became more excited, and finally burst into tears, then hid in the room, Yoon Tae-hyung And Kim Sang-sik were dumbfounded.

The more Kim Eun-xi thinks about it, the more things are wrong, she catches up with Park Can-ha, and asks the reason why Park Can-ha has broken off with her, and condemns him that he should not tell Seo-young the secret between them, and restore the chat history without leaving a word. To her, Park Canhe was furious. He hadn’t told anyone before. Kim Eun-hee said he was worthless because of his innocence. He was so angry that Kim Eun-hee turned around and left. The two of them would do that. Broke up unhappy.

Yoon Taehyung entered the house to appease Kim Eun Joo, and then went out to meet Kim Sang Sang-sik. Kim Sang-sik persuaded him to live well with Kim Eun Joo, and then took away the passbook. After Kim Sang-sik left, Kim Eun-hee called Kim Eun-joo and learned that she was asleep. Kim Eun-hee wanted to talk to her sister about the distress in her heart. Although Kim Eun-joo would not comfort her every time, but he would not politely teach her a lesson. I want to see my sister.

Lee Jin-suk had been waiting for Kim Sang-sik downstairs, and learned that he was crying Kim Eun-joo. Lee Jin-suk had to say that all three children knew that Kim Sang-sik was not Kim Eun-joo’s biological father. Kim Sang-suk was shocked and finally understood why Kim Eun-joo was crying. As they walked up, they were almost hit by a speeding car. Thanks to Li Jinsuk’s hug him in time, the couple cried.

When Park Canhe returned to the studio, she told Ruiying that she shouldn’t peek at his mobile phone. Ruiying explained that she wanted to see if her mother had sent a message to Park Canhe, and accidentally saw the chat history between him and Jin Enxi. Kim Eun-xi didn’t want to go home, so he bought wine and stayed at Kim Eun-joo’s house. Kim Eun-joo pointed out that she and Park Can-ha liked each other, otherwise they would not hurt each other. That night, the sisters slept together and opened up to each other.

Pu Canhe was upset every day, Ruiying and Jin Zhiyu hurriedly escaped with fright, Ruiying asked Jin Zhiyu to call Jin Eunxi, she wanted Jin Eunxi to explain the cause and effect of the matter. Jin Enxi was driving, and Lin Jianzhou was sitting next to her. Ruiying admitted on the phone to peek at the chat records of Pu Canhe and the others. Jin Enxi was relieved. She drove Lin Jianzhou home. Lin Jianzhou took the opportunity to confess to her and wanted to start over with her. , Kim Eun Hee is noncommittal.

Kim Eun-xi immediately called Kim Ji-woo and asked Ruiying how to get Park Can-ha’s cell phone back. Kim Ji-woo didn’t know what was going on, so Kim Eun-hee gave him a slap in the face. Kim Sang-sik took Lee Jin-suk for a walk. Speaking of the exact time when he started to get angry at Lee Jin-suk, he saw Lee Jin-sook reading a novel, and he deliberately took one sentence out of it, to the effect that a person had only one vague feeling in his life. Kim Sang-sik decided Li Jinsook’s feelings were given to Kim Eun-joo’s biological father, and from then on, he started to make a fuss with her for no reason. Li Jinsook was shocked. He didn’t expect a single sentence to become the fuse of their feelings.

Hyo-seok asked Kim Eun-joo to send a message to Yoon Tae-hyung. He wanted to go to New Zealand with Yoon Tae-hyung tomorrow and live a peaceful life there. Even if Kim E-n-joo gave him the last gift, after Hyo-seok left, Yoon Tae-hyung came to the bar to see Kim Eun-joo, and Kim Eun-joo would take Hyo-seok. Tell him about going to New Zealand tomorrow. Yoon Tae-hyung and Kim Eun-joo went home together. When they saw their mother waiting for them at home, Yoon Tae-hyung hid in the room without saying a word. His mother wanted to show off with him, but Yoon Tae-hyung refused to open the door. Yoon Tae Hyung. Jin Enxi wanted to send a message to Park Canha to apologize, but he still didn’t have the courage to send it out.

Jin Enxi sent a message and wanted to talk to Park Canhe, but Park Canhe ignored her. Kim Sang-sik came to pick up Lee Jin-suk early in the morning and sent her a bunch of flowers. The two went to the game hall to play wildly for a day and won a lot of dolls. They only sent Lee Jin-suk home when it was dark. Kim Sang-sik wanted to have a real date with her, Lee Jin-sook was ashamed. Going upstairs with a flushed face. Jin Zhiyu woke up early in the morning and found that his mother had gone out and the trademark of the newly bought clothes was still on the floor. Jin Zhiyu was puzzled when he saw flowers and many dolls in the room.

From that day on, Kim Eun-hee pleased Park Can-ha everywhere, personally sent the food to the studio and bought him fruits and snacks. The two ate instant noodles together and went to the park to sit down. Kim Eun-hee admitted that he was very happy to meet Park Can-ha again. Personal misunderstanding and reconciliation are as good as ever.

Kim Ji-woo called and called Kim Eun-hee and Kim Eun-joo. He suspected that his mother was dating someone, not only had flowers and gifts, but also changed new clothes. Kim Eun-hee and Kim Eun-joo thought it was normal, but instead complained about him making a fuss. Kim Sang-sik invited Lee Jin-suk to watch a movie. He bought the ticket and waited at the bus stop. He accidentally saw a flower shop across the road and hurried in to choose a bunch of flowers. Seeing Lee Jin-sook coming from a distance, he was very excited and just thought about it. When I went to see Li Zhenshu at the intersection, he fainted suddenly.

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