I’ll Add Points To All Things

Adding points to items can turn stones into gold, and give items special abilities. Adding points to animals and plants can change their shape and turn them into monsters.

Add points to yourself, you can get all kinds of skills and superpowers,
Since acquiring this system that can add points to all things, Su Yang has embarked on becoming the CEO, marrying Bai Fumei, and changing his life…
Title: I’ll Add Points To All Things
Alternative name: 我给万物加个点
Author: Eternal Era
Genre: Fantasy, Xuanhuan
Release: 201X
Page(Chapter): 804
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A dimly lit room, swaying lights, a room of almost a dozen square meters, filled with strange things.

is about a rabbit with two small wings in a cage, a banana-like long orange, a delicate table with a palm, and a hardcover book that is more than two meters high and one meter wide.

The cover of the book reads: Outline of Modern Chinese History.

A teenager who looks like 18 or 9 years old is in this environment, lying on the desk and looking at his mobile phone seriously.

The screen of the phone is on. It is a page of a question and answer app with the title: How to make a million while in college.

While watching, the boy carefully recorded in the notebook next to him.

Just when he was fascinated by it, suddenly, the screen turned into a caller page, and the caller ID displayed the word “Mom”.

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Chapter 3
Chapter 5
Chapter 7
Chapter 9
Chapter 11
Chapter 13
Chapter 15
Chapter 17
Chapter 19
Chapter 2
Chapter 4
Chapter 6
Chapter 8
Chapter 10
Chapter 12
Chapter 14
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Chapter 18
Chapter 20

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