My Unfamiliar Family 아는 건 별로 없지만 가족입 Episode 11 Plot

Kim Sang-sik and Lee Jin- sook resolve their misunderstanding and Park Chan- ha proposes to break off friendship with Kim Eun- hee

Park Canhe walked towards Jin Enxi excitedly. Jin Enxi suddenly picked up his bag and beat him severely. He regretted that he was angry with him and caused a long period of blank period between them, otherwise the two of them would have started dating long ago. Jin Enxi changed his mind. Feeling bad, the two of them will definitely have quarrels together. Park Canhe couldn’t help but think of the scene when he and Kim Eun-hee walked by the stone wall of Deoksu Palace hand in hand, feeling full of emotion in his heart. Jin Enxi and Piao Canhe sat down and recalled their youth together. Jin Enxi admitted that he liked Piao Canhe, but he didn’t confess. Piao Canhe was dumbfounded. He didn’t know where to go, or Jin Enxi broke the deadlock and asked him to leave together.

The scene that Kim Sang-sik will never forget. When Kim Eun-joo got married, he came out of the bathroom and saw Lee Jin-sook talking and laughing with a man. Kim Sang-sik believed that man was Kim Eun-joo’s biological father. Lee Jin-suk clearly remembered that it was a couple who came to the wedding. When the wife recognized Lee Jinsook as an alumnus, Lee Jinsook tried desperately to cover up, and her husband came over to apologize to Lee Jinsook. Unexpectedly, Kim Sang-sik had misunderstood her for so long. If the two people made it clear at the time, there would be no cold war that lasted for several years. Lee Jin-sook slammed the door and left. Wan Hao then rushed to find Kim Sang-sik, and Kim Sang-sik confided to him the mistakes he made in the past.

Kim Eun-joo quickly sorted out the details of the marriage property and showed Yin Tae-hyung one by one. Yin Tae-hyung knew that she was angry with her mother, and persuaded her not to hit the stone with pebbles. His mother would finally find a lawyer to solve the matter. Lin Jianzhou worked overtime until late, so he drove directly to the downstairs of Jin Enxi’s house, and then sent a message to meet with her, under the pretext of revising the manuscript together. Lin Jianzhou tried his best to please Jin Enxi, and specially found a fairy tale book from the publishing house and asked Jin Enxi to give it to Yongkui.

Kim Eun-hee came to see Kim Sang-sik and gave the fairy tale book to Yong Kyu by the way. Young-sik thanked her. Kim Eun-hee and Kim Sang-sik came to chat outside together and complained that he didn’t give the car accident to his family in advance. Kim Sang-sik didn’t want to give it to his family. To cause trouble, Kim Eun-hee took out the video of Kim Sang-sik climbing the mountain that night, and wanted to know what he was thinking, Kim Sang-sik casually found excuses to deal with it.

Jin Eun-xi received a call from Jin Eun-joo and asked her to go to Park Can-ha’s studio tomorrow night. Jin Eun-joo had something to talk to their sister and brother. Li Jinsook found that Jin Zhiyu was busy every day, so he offered to have a good talk with him, and he found various reasons to excuse him.

Park Canha wanted to take the driver’s license. He plucked up the courage to go to the driving school to take the test. He did well in the cultural class. He was happily confessing to Kim Eun-hee. Kim Eun-hee promised to accompany him to practice practical exercises and try to get him the driver’s license earlier. She began to hesitate. She suspected that Park Canhe took the driver’s license to take the blind date for a ride. Park Canhe didn’t explain, but just stared at Jin Enxi in a daze.

Kim Sang-sik asked for the red ginseng juice at home and asked Lee Jin-suk to send it to the retro teahouse. He searched the Internet for the retro teahouse that is suitable for middle-aged and elderly dating. Lee Jin-suk came to see him on time. Kim Sang-sik desperately tried to please Lee Jin-sook and repeatedly explained that he heard Lee Jin-sook The decision to marry him, I wanted to find death in the past, but then Kim Eun-joo called to comfort him and made him feel warm. He decided to bury sleeping pills on the mountain overnight, which would completely dispel suicidal thoughts.

Kim Sang-sik saw that Lee Jin-sook liked Jiujie on the mountain. Xiang picked the grass back and gave it to her, but he accidentally fell off the cliff, and Li Zhenshu knew that he didn’t commit suicide on the mountain that night. Kim Sang-sik repeatedly apologized to Lee Jin-suk and admitted that he had ignored her feelings before and caused so many misunderstandings between the two people. Lee Jin-suk brought a lot of side dishes and asked him to take them back to eat with Young-sik and Young-kyu. Kim Sang-sik was very moved.

Kim Eun-joo came to Park Canha’s studio early as agreed, and Ruiying hurried out when she saw it. Park Canhe called to call for Kim Eun-hee. Ruiying went out to meet Kim Eun-hee and couldn’t help complaining that she shouldn’t call Park Canhe the nickname Merry Ghost. Jin Eunxi was speechless by her, and she secretly scolded Pucan for being unobstructed.

Park Canhe asked Kim Eun-joo to have a good talk with his younger brother and sister, and he took the opportunity to hide. Kim Eun-joo asked in a straightforward way why Kim Ji-woo didn’t answer the phone and didn’t go home very much. He was indifferent to his mother. Kim Eun-hee also helped. Kim Eun-joo didn’t want to talk too much. He just reminded Kim Ji-woo to understand his mother’s difficulties, and then turned around and left.

Ji Woo cried so hard that Jin Enxi was too embarrassed to criticize him any more, and left with an excuse. She went out and saw Park Canhe wandering in the parking lot, so she asked him to go back to work. Kim Eun-joo called Kim Sang-sik to meet in detail, and she called Lee Jin-sook again. Kim Sang-sik came to Kim Eun Joo’s house on time, bought her a gift, and took the initiative to admit her mistake to Kim Eun Joo.

Ruiying confessed to Park Canha. She peeked at the chat records between Jin Enxi and Park Canha. She also said that Jin Enxi treated Park Canha as a romantic ghost. Park Canhe was furious and immediately sent a message to Jin Eunxi, but she never responded. Jin Enxi was having dinner with his colleagues. Park Canhe immediately took a taxi to the publishing house, and called Jin Enxi to meet him on the way.

Jin Enxi hurriedly ordered a barbecue and waited for him. Lin Jianzhou came out to see Jin Enxi and learned that she was waiting for a friend. Park Canhe waited for Jin Enxi on the corner outside the restaurant, and solemnly informed Jin Enxi of the matter. From now on, the two of them broke off diplomatic relations, and then left for a long time. Jin Enxi was immediately dumbfounded.

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