My Unfamiliar Family 아는 건 별로 없지만 가족입 Episode 10 Plot

Kim Sang-sik explains to his family that Young-sik’s identity, Kim Eun-joo, filed for divorce with Yoon Tae-hyung

Kim Eun-hee was sleeping in a daze. Suddenly received a call from Park Can-ha. Park Can-ha excitedly talked about taking pictures of Lina and Woo-suk’s children. He casually talked about Kim Eun-hee’s writing love letters to him. Kim Eun-hee suddenly became sober. , Pu Canhe hung up the phone without saying more. He read out Kim Eun-xi’s love letter back then and read it carefully, feeling happy.

Lin Jianzhou took the initiative to look for Pu Canhe, and specially selected an exquisite photo album to give him as a meeting gift. Lin Jianzhou explained her intentions, and Jin Enxi recommended Pu Canhe’s photos to the publishing house, but she did not advance the matter, so Lin Jianzhou took the contract and asked him to sign. They talked about Jin Enxi.

The arrival of Young Sik and his son made the whole family stunned. Young Sik’s son, Young Gyu, hugged Kim Eun Joo’s thigh tightly. Young Sik hurriedly pulled him aside. Lee Jinsuk almost fainted with anger. Kim Sang Sik called the family together for a meeting. He introduced the relationship between him and Young-sik in detail. Kim Sang-sik will never forget that day in 1994. He drove home in a hurry and suddenly injured Young-sik. Young-sik and his grandmother depended on each other. Kim Sang-sik sent Young-sik to the hospital.

She injured her leg and became disabled. Grandma not only did not blame Kim Sang-sik, but thanked him for the medical expenses. From that day on, Kim Sang-sik went to play with Young-sik whenever he had time to help his grandmother sell things to make ends meet. Young-sik grew up and Kim Sang-sik introduced him to him. Work, marry him and have children, Kim Sang-sik publicly announces that he will live with Young-sik and his sons from now on.

Kim Ji-woo strongly protested. Kim Sang-sik had never played or played with him. He felt unfair and went back to his room in anger. Young-sik thanked Kim Sang-sik for his help over the years and allowed him to have his current life. Lee Jin-suk learned the truth and knew himself. Kim Sang-sik has been wrong for so many years, and her heart is mixed.

Kim Sang-sik enters the house to comfort Kim Ji-woo, who feels distressed that his father is so old and has to bear so much pressure, and persuades him to lay down his burden and take a good rest. Kim Eun Joo felt that the atmosphere at home was embarrassing, so she wanted to leave as soon as possible. Lee Jin-sook asked her and her father to greet her. Kim Sang-sik regained his former dominance and yelled at Kim Eun-joo. Kim Eun-joo argued with him for not telling his mother beforehand. Condemning him for not being responsible for what he cannot bear and causing unnecessary misunderstandings between his family members, Kim Eun-joo slams the door in anger, Kim Sang-sik apologizes to Lee Jin-suk and Kim Eun-hee, and Kim Eun-hee hurries out.

Young-sik took Yong-kui to play downstairs, while Kim Eun-joo went out to see them, and hurriedly turned around and left, and Kim Eun-xi hurriedly followed. Lee Jin-sook gave the passbook to Kim Sang-sik and asked him to take Young-sik to a bigger house, but Kim Sang-sik flatly refused. Ruiying returned to the studio and saw Lin Jianzhou and Piao Canhe chatting. Lin Jianzhou hurriedly left when he saw this. Before Ruiying got off work, he saw that there was something wrong with Piao Canhe. He cleaned up the office again, changed new clothes and made coffee. Ruiying thought he and When the blind date met, they returned to watch the excitement. Unexpectedly, it was Kim Eun-hee’s boss who came, and Park Can-ha sent Ruiying away in a few words.

Kim Eun-hee sent Kim Eun-joo home. He saw Yoon Tae-hyung waiting for her at the door and kept reminding her to take medicine. Kim Eun-joo suddenly remembered the moment Yong-gyu threw herself into her arms. If she hadn’t had a miscarriage, the child would be five years old. Thinking of this, she felt painful, she bypassed Yoon Tae Hyung and went home. Park Canhe came to the publishing house to sign a contract with Jin Eun-hee. The two people talked and laughed and were not affectionate. Lin Jianzhou saw this scene and felt sad. Jin Eun-hee signed and sealed the contract. Suddenly, Park Canhe received a call from Jin Eun-joo, who asked him to meet and talk in detail. , Jin Eunxi couldn’t help but murmured, thinking that they both missed their family more.

Yoon Tae-hyung prepared a sumptuous meal early in the morning and told Kim Eun-joo to remember to take medicine. Kim Eun-joo was so angry that he mentioned taking medicine and filed for a divorce on the spot. Park Canha took pictures of Kim Eun-hee. Kim Eun-hee took a lot of poses. Park Can-ha solemnly explained to Kim Eun-hee that he regarded Kim Ji-woo and Kim Eun-joo as friends because they were Kim Eun-hee’s family. What Park Can-ha values most is his friendship with Kim Eun-hee. His confession of friendship was moved.

Jin Haona was about to return to the United States. She met with Jin Enxi and claimed that Lin Jianzhou’s cell phone had been in her hands, and did not see Jin Eunxi calling. Lin Jianzhou returned to China this time with a company, and soon returned to the United States to reunite with her, she read After reading the emails between Lin Jianzhou and Jin Enxi, he felt that Lin Jianzhou was just a minor cheating, and asked Jin Enxi to return the phone to Lin Jianzhou, but Jin Enxi flatly refused.

Kim Eun-joo announced her decision to divorce to her mother-in-law, and her mother-in-law was helpless. Park Canha came to see Kim Eun-joo on time. Park Can-ha admitted that she had sent her wedding photos to friends in London, and those friends contacted Park Can-ha not long ago. Park Can-ha persuaded Kim E-N-joo to chat with them, which can relieve the pressure. When I walked, I called Jin Eun-hee and heard that she was drinking alone. He hurriedly talked to her about the wine and chatted about the interesting things at the beginning. The two of them went to the stone wall where they took pictures together. Like a child jumping and jumping, Pu Canhe wants to start a passionate love with her.

Lin Jianzhou came to the publishing house to find Jin Enxi, and found that she was off work, Jin Haona rushed to return the phone to Lin Jianzhou. Lee Jin-suk returned the passbook to Kim Sang-sik again. Kim Sang-sik resolutely refused to accept it. Lee Jin-sook complained about Kim Sang-sik’s concealment of the car accident. Kim Sang-sik survived the wedding day and Kim Eun-joo’s biological father also came to participate. Lee Jin-sook was furious.

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