My Girl (2020) 99分女朋友 Episode 10 Recap

Xu Xingyao is not only harsh on employees, but also manages recipes. As the name implies, she needs to manage her body at all times, which makes everyone go to the cafeteria to eat and hide from her. Meng An sees that Xiaomei is obviously hungry and she has to be depressed. According to Xu Xingyao’s request to lose weight, she shook her head silently, and also gave Xiaomei a meatball to let her match with the meat, so that she can physically do aerobic exercise.

Meng An touched the squeezed hand care oil with Shen Yi’s hand and applied it to Shen Yi. Xu Xingyao looked very ugly after seeing it. Xiaomei discovered that Xu Xingyao went to the bathroom to induce vomiting after dinner. This painful way of taking care of her body was unacceptable. She returned to the office and started eating.

When Xu Xingyao criticized Xiaomei again for her body and beauty, Xiaomei no longer kept silent, and the sandy projectively mentioned vomiting rebuttal, which blocked Xu Xingyao’s expression. Shen Yi moved back to the office and worked with Meng An until the staff left after get off work. Meng An ridiculed Shen Yi. Shen Yi almost kissed Meng An but was interrupted by the staff who suddenly went to work. The original staff came to work at four o’clock late for work. They wanted to surprise Shen Yi, but did not want to be scolded by Shen Yi. A meal.

The staff moved Shen Yi to care about himself, and he devoted himself even more to work. Sui An helped Shen Yi to find out that the city’s third primary school was going to celebrate on Saturday, and students from that sector would also go. This time was an opportunity, maybe the scarred girl would also go. It was just Saturday that it was time for Shen Yi and Meng An to prepare for the conference, and there was a conflict. Shen Yi fell into hesitation.

Wei Lei ran to Sui An and asked him to remove the thread from his nose, so that the nurse could do it for her. She had to ask Sui An to do it herself. Sui An did not wait to see Wei Lei, but patiently checked her nose and did the aftercare. Looking at the handsome Sui An, Wei Lei felt a different feeling in his heart.

Shen Yi decided to go to school for a long time, and told Meng An that he was guilty of not being able to host the press conference with her, and promised to come back as soon as possible. Shen Yi went to the three small school celebrations and saw a girl in a dress very similar. She walked forward and said hello, but found that she had mistakenly admitted that the other person’s face did not have scars.

The girl recognized Shen Yi as Zeng Jue, and the two greeted each other. Meng An was absent-minded at the press conference, and was a bit lost to see Shen Yi’s delay in coming. When he was about to speak, he had not arrived yet and got up to call Shen Yi. Xu Xingyao took the opportunity to secretly exchange the speech.

Shen Yi didn’t come to Meng An and could only take his place to explain, but Xu Xingyao’s manuscript was replaced by an internal secret that the patent hadn’t taken down. The company employees’ faces changed, and the reporters were in an uproar. Meng An faced the camera and questioned everyone, and the stress disorder fainted with emotion.

Shen Yi returned disappointed at the school celebration. When he arrived at the press conference, he witnessed the scene of Meng An being besieged by everyone. A Tao quickly brought Meng An down. The conference was messed up, public opinion was intensified, many investors withdrew their funds, and Xu Xingyao was cleverly mistaken. She thought that she had contacted the patent laboratory and could buy a remedy, but the laboratory was suddenly bought by others after the conference. gone.

The staff are unwilling to give up and work together to reverse the situation. What is most lacking at the moment is the capital, which is about 50 million. Shen Yi does not want to go to his father Shen Qianshan. Shen Yi is most worried about Meng An’s situation. He thinks clearly that he likes the person Meng An. Whether she is the girl or not, he decides to be with Meng An.

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