My Unfamiliar Family 아는 건 별로 없지만 가족입 Episode 9 Plot

Kim Eun-hee found out that Lee Jin- sook was unmarried and she was pregnant, Kim Sang-sik misunderstoodthat Lee Jin- sook had an affair

When Kim Sang-sik passed by the fruit shop of the old Liu’s house, scenes of past events flashed before his eyes before he realized that he had really recovered his memory. When Kim Sang-sik was 22 years old, he was impoverished and completely lost faith in life. He lived a life like a walking dead. Until he met Li Jinsuk, he found the meaning of living. He vowed to work hard to make money and make Li Jinsuk live better. They married. Having two daughters one after another, Kim Sang-sik worked hard every day, but Lee Jin-sook was not happy. She washed her face with tears every day, until later she ran away from home with Kim Eun-joo.

Kim Eun-hee was worried that Lee Jin-sook would run away again, and begged her to take her away. Kim Eun-hee persuaded Lee Jin-sook to explain the truth to Kim Eun-joo. She should have the right to know. Lee Jin-sook always thought it was a secret between her and Kim Sang-sik, and Kim Sang-sik always kept the ring. When her biological daughter was in love, she didn’t expect Jin Eun-hee to find out. She felt ashamed. The mother and daughter were crying. They turned around and found that Jin Ji-woo was standing at the door.

Although Jin Ji-woo tried his best to cover up, Jin Eun-hee felt that he heard the conversation just now because Kim Ji-woo was shaking his legs constantly. Kim Eun-hee taught Kim Ji-woo that lying is a bad boy since he was a child. Every time Kim Ji-woo was nervous and wanted to lie, he would shake his legs.

Jin Zhiyu knew that Jin Eunju was not his father’s biological daughter. He didn’t expect that Jin Eunxi would also know about it. He couldn’t help complaining to Park Canhe, complaining that Jin Eunxi didn’t tell him, but Park Canhe criticized him instead. Yoon Tae-hyung wanted to go back to the hospital for work tomorrow. He had a showdown with Kim Eun-joo. He didn’t mind her finding a man she loved. Kim Eun-joo agreed to think about it.

Kim Eun-joo came to the cafe and saw that it was recruiting a barista, Hyo-seok decided to resign, lest Kim Eun-joo would see him awkward. Kim Eun-hee asked Park Can-ha if there was anything that Kim Ji-woo had been up to. Park Can-he had to admit that Kim Ji-woo had known the mystery of Kim Eun-joo’s life experience for a long time. He felt that he was not only the tree hole of Kim Ji-woo, but the tree hole of their family. Kim Eun-hee was unconditional before. Standing on the south side of the wooden tool, but now I feel that my mother doesn’t take her and his father seriously. Park Canhe apologizes to her for breaking off diplomatic relations before. Jin Eunxi admits that he came here to wait for Park Canhe today and pretends to be a chance encounter. Park Canhe was shocked.

Lee Jin-sook wanted to explain the truth to Kim Eun-joo, so he took her to the place where she used to live. Lee Jin-sook mustered up the courage to tell Kim Eun-joo about her past. She became pregnant when she was unmarried when she was in college. The family felt that she was embarrassed, so Lee Jin-sook wanted to kill the child. She was a monk, but she chose to give birth to the child in the end. She was confused and married Kim Sang-sik. Kim Eun-joo turned around after hearing this. Lee Jin-sook chased her and followed her. Kim Eun-joo felt that she had delayed her life. Loved Kim Sang-sik, and never regretted giving birth to Kim Eun-joo. Kim Eun-joo looked at her panicked mother with gratitude.

Park Canhe led the team members to take first-year commemorative photos of the children of good friends Lina and Woo Suk. Lina is Kim Eun-hee’s best friend and talked about many interesting things between Kim Eun-hee and Park Can-he. After Park Can-he enlisted in the army, Kim Eun-hee wrote to him regularly , And it’s a very nasty one. She often stares in a daze at Park Canha’s photos. Lina feels that Kim Eun-hee shouldn’t be associated with her clan. Park Can-ha is the most suitable candidate. Park Can-ha is speechless by her, and Jin Ji-woo can’t laugh or cry. , I didn’t expect Pu Canhe to have such a deep relationship with their third siblings.

Kim Sang-sik came to find Young-sik, Young-sik couldn’t help crying about the difficulties of life, he came to find his ex-wife and son. Lin Jianzhou finally showed up after disappearing for a week. Kim Eun-hee had some doubts. He didn’t know where to start asking. Kim Eun-hee didn’t understand that Kim Ha-na proposed to break up three years ago and he struggled to stay, but now he insists on breaking up. Kim Eun-hee couldn’t guess. What he was up to this week, Jin Enxi wanted to leave without waiting for him to explain and turn around. Lin Jianzhou desperately held her, claiming that he had had a very painful week, and Jin Enxi broke up with him and left.

Yoon Tae-hyung came home from get off work and saw that Kim Eun-joo was not there, so he came to the cafe to inquire about his whereabouts. Hyo-seok explained that she had packed coffee early in the morning and left. Yoon Tae-hyung called to inquire about Kim Eun-hee. Kim Eun-hee didn’t know the whereabouts of her sister, so he called Park Can-ha. ask. Kim Eun-hee met Kim Eun-joo halfway, and Kim E-n-joo condemned her for making the matter uneasy. He also kept claiming that Kim Sang-sik took advantage of Lee Jin-sook’s unmarried first pregnancy.

Kim Eun-hee and her argued hard to prove that their parents had loved each other. Kim Sang-sik loved Kim Eun-joo as his own daughter. Kim Eun-joo couldn’t face her family. She slammed the door and walked away. She sat on the side of the road and wailed. Kim Eun-xi hurriedly chased her out and told her to persuade her. Finally, she fainted in tears, Kim Eun-hee hurriedly sent her home, Yoon Tae-hyung gave her first aid, and Kim Eun-joo gradually fell asleep.

Li Jinsuk couldn’t sleep at night. The more she thought about it, the more disturbed she became. She called Kim Eun-xi overnight and asked her to see Kim Eun-joo. She was worried that Kim Eun-joo couldn’t think about it. Kim Eun-xi took the opportunity to tell that Kim Ji-woo knew about it, and Li Zhen-sook was dumbfounded. Lee Jin-suk and Boss Liu went to the hospital and ran into Kim Sang-sik head-on. Kim Sang-sik admitted that they had been following them. Lee Jin-suk didn’t want to explain too much, so they took him to the hospital. Kim Sang-sik saw the sick sister-in-law and found out that Boss Liu was her. His father, Kim Sang-sik, is ashamed, and blames Lee Jin-sook for not telling him in advance, which made him so embarrassed.

Today is a family dinner day. Kim Eun-joo claimed that Yoon Tae-hyung could not be busy. She was also the last time to attend a family dinner. Kim Sang-sik was the last one to go home. He also brought Ying-sik and his son. He was introduced to the public as his eldest son.

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