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Medical treatment for his wife: Good night, Mr. Huo

Medical treatment for his wife: Good night, Mr. Huo
Other names: 替嫁医妻:晚安,霍先生
Author: 桃丽丝
Genre: Novel, Urban Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


In a substitute marriage, she became the victim of her sister’s escaped marriage. From the eyes of everyone, she became a notorious abandoned daughter, and she became the wife of the imperial capital Huo Siqing. She naively thought that she was married to love, until she was lying on the cold operating table, and finally saw his cold and merciless gaze. “You are just her heart container. I will never fall in love with a vicious woman like you in my life.” Yun An’an was finally discouraged and ran away from his side resolutely. Reunited at the banquet four years later, everyone was waiting to see the joke of the abandoned woman Yun An’an, but who knew it?


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