She’s Coming, Get Down, Please

A little-known actress fell into the sea, when she returned, her temper changed. She was originally weak and gullible, but now she had suddenly become a horrid and murderous woman. From acting glamorously to acting being behind the scenes, all the big men in all walks of life bowed down to her ….. and the underlying rules? “Why don’t you ask how much it will cost to buy your company? The movie queen said: I was just playing and accidentally took the big prize and abused scumbag? I’m the best at it, but don’t be too weak, because I haven’t had enough fun. Returning in the name of the god of death, the movie queen will take the scumbag to fly! Hush, She’s Coming, Get Down, Please!

She’s Coming, Get Down, Please
Alternative Name: 她来了,请趴下
Genre: Action, Manhua, Revenge, Romance, Slice of Life
Author: Sa Sa Dong Man
Release: 2020
Status: ongoing

Categories: Chinese Manhua, Comic

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