The Strongest Mad Mercenary

A generation of soldiers hated to leave the army and disappeared for a few years. The strong against the sky returned to the city and set off a bloody storm again! Simple and rude is my art of doing things, and just doing it is my attitude to life! See how the top mad young man spreads across the city and writes his legendary king! Still very cool and passionate!
Title: The Strongest Mad Mercenary
Alternative name: 最强狂兵
Author: Raging flames
Genre: Action, Urban Life
Release: 201X
Page(Chapter): 4671
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It was only in mid-May, and the weather was already hot. The beauties could not wait to put on the summer clothes they had already prepared, and the beautiful legs on the street had begun to dazzle people’s eyes.

Exit of Ninghai International Airport.

Su Rui was wearing a red plaid shirt with the hem of the shirt tied into the fit slacks, showing a tall and straight figure. Carrying a silver suitcase in his right hand, he looks like a successful person.

However, unlike this outfit, he was chasing a beautiful woman out of breath, and while wiping sweat, he said anxiously: “Hey, beautiful woman, I said you have a black bra on your head, why don’t you listen to me? Explain?”

This beauty looks like she is in her twenties. She is tall and has white skin. She wears a bohemian long skirt. The towering chest is extremely eye-catching, making people want to reach out and experience the tremor. Powerful feel. What is more eye-catching than her figure is her appearance, which is almost invulnerable to beauty. There is no dead angle at 360 degrees, and it is extremely refined.

She walked in the airport passageway, gathering almost all eyes from the front, back, left, and right, which was amazing.

Upon hearing this, the beauty turned her face and asked coldly: “Whose omen do you mean?”

Normal people heard Su Rui’s words and thought they were cursing themselves, no matter how good their temper, they would be unhappy, but how could this ice beauty know that Su Rui’s words contained another meaning, and the sound was different, Huaxia Language is broad and profound.

Su Rui’s eyes swept across the beautiful woman’s chest: “Of course it’s you. We are destined when we meet. It’s rare to return to China from the United States to sit next to the first class cabin. This is destiny, or let’s find a place to sit. Sit and chat? I’ll show you how to remove the bra, no, the omen…”

The beauty’s eyes grew colder.

Su Rui smiled: “Even if you don’t chat, let’s leave a communication method for each other.”

Su Rui, who was chatting with this beautiful woman, couldn’t bear it anymore. On the way, she had heard the other person say this countless times, and she had the urge to collapse.

“If you pester me again, I’ll let people throw you into Ningjiang to feed the fish!” The beauty warned coldly, but she didn’t know that her expressionless face fell in Su Rui’s eyes even more uniquely.

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