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I appoint a god for the king of Zhou proudly

I appoint a god for the king of Zhou proudly
Other names: 我为纣王之傲啸封神
Author: 点精灵
Genre: Novel, Cultivation Fairy
Release: 2020
Status: 480 End


The Cangming Continent has infinite good fortune. Human beings can break through their own limits with various methods of practice. The strong can breathe and kill and fly in the air. Among them, there are three tops: infinite body, non-leakage body, and non-scaling body. Qualifications. The soul of extreme sports enthusiasts reborn young Lin Jue, constantly breaking through himself and reaching the peak step by step. Wait a minute, this young man seems to be scumbag? Are you sure this is the immeasurable body? what! This guy is more scumbag? When I was only fifteen, I wanted to have sex, and almost sold my sister to evil young man? This firefly is very interesting…ahhhh! It sucks my blood! This is the heart-eater that can exterminate the entire city?


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