Chapter 6: Bullying

Ouyang Ruo also said with confidence: “There will be a lot of people in a while, Ying’er must be careful not to be impulsive.

Mu Yingxue nodded. If others don’t provoke her, she will naturally not provoke her, but if someone doesn’t have eyesight, don’t blame her for being polite. She is an all-around agent and can’t handle a bunch of jealous women. ?

It can be said that Yuanjialu is narrow. Last night, I just cleaned up Mother Rong and Mother Xing, and I met Song Wanrou, with an oval face, fox eyes, a long crimson dress, and a double-breasted gown of the same color.

He spit on Ouyang Ruo and Mu Yingxue fiercely, and said with a smile: “I didn’t expect to meet Sister Ruo’er. She hasn’t seen you for many days. Sister Ruo’er’s complexion is getting better.”

Ouyang Ruo smiled and said, “Thanks to Aunt Song, everything is fine.”

“I said that it is not good for Sister Ruoer to stay in the yard all day long. It is better to do more activities, wash clothes, brush the toilet and so on. The lowly people can’t enjoy the life of the superior.”

Mu Yingxue stood next to Ouyang Ruo and said, “I think I should leave a little bit of saliva to the auntie. Be careful not to cry for a while.”

Aunt Song crossed her eyebrows and said, “You fool, what do you mean?”

Mu Yingxue Nuonuo said: “I see my auntie’s Yintang is going black, I’m afraid it will be a disaster.”

“What are you talking about? You fool, dare to curse me.”

Aunt Song was about to have an attack, but she was held back by her close maid, Lianxiang, and she whispered a few words. Aunt Song saw the dark under her eyes and turned away cursing.

“Bah, baah, I didn’t read the almanac when I went out, and I was really disappointed when I met a fool.”

Although her voice is very small, she can’t resist her super-ordinary irrelevance. It seems that the mother and son are still very cheap and Dad pays attention to him. When he heard that he was coming back, not only the wife of the main room must fake flattery, but also always shame Yang, aunt Song, who has all kinds of troubles, dare not start easily.

Aunt Song saw Mu Yunxiao’s face, but Mu Yingxue didn’t want to buy it. She turned her eyes slightly, waved to Liuer, and whispered to Liuer.

Liu Er’s eyes widened in fright, and quickly covered her mouth: “Miss, is this…is this true?”

“Hurry up, come back early and watch a good show.”

Liu Er agreed and slipped out quietly. Although Ouyang Ruo was puzzled, he knew that his daughter was different and didn’t ask much.

When I came to the front yard, I met many people. The masters of each yard basically arrived at the same time. There were more than forty people, big and small, and maids and maids, all dressed up and dressed up. She and Ouyang Ruo were dressed in burlap sackcloth. The sparrow fell into the peacock’s nest.

Everyone stepped forward to salute the lazy woman sitting on the main seat. Although she was well maintained at the age of less than 40, the fine lines on the corners of her eyes were still obvious.

This is Xu Min, the first-in-law of Xu Taishi of the Xuanyuan Dynasty, the sister of the current concubine, the wife of Muhou Mansion, and the only male in Muhou Mansion under his knees, as well as a daughter who is both talented and well-known. The status is unbreakable.

“My concubine has seen my wife.”

“Greetings to mother.”

Waved his hand impatiently: “Okay, don’t give me the courtesy.”

“Mrs. Xie…”

Without lifting his eyelids, Xu Min whispered to Hong Yu behind him: “Are you all here?”

Hongyu nodded and took two steps forward: “If you return to Madam, the third lady has not come.”

Xu Min raised his eyebrows in surprise: “Are all the people from the Xueyuan here?”

“Auntie Ouyang and Miss Fourth have arrived, and Miss Third is missing.”

“Aunt Song, why didn’t Xiangqin come?”

The auntie was also wondering, Mu Xiangqin was the first to make new clothes, so she didn’t call her today because she thought she would come first.

“My concubine, go and have a look. The weather has been cold recently, and the third lady sometimes feels cold and may be late.”

Aunt Song turned around and walked towards Fanghuayuan with Lianxiang: “Hongyu, follow me.”

Hongyu took his orders and went out.

Xu Min glanced at everyone, looked at Ouyang Ruo at the back, moved her body, and teased: “Unexpectedly, the sun came out from the west today, and the Xueyuan actually arrived with everyone, the oldest Aunt Song. It was too late.”

“The concubine is afraid that the wife will wait a long time and miss the time.” Ouyang Ruo ignored Xu Min’s sarcasm and whispered.

Xu Min curled her lips in disdain. In the past, Ouyang Ruo and Mu Yingxue were the last to come, and she always changed the way to find faults. Now there is no excuse to punish Ouyang Ruo. When her gaze shifts to Mu Yingxue next to her, A sneer crossed his eyes.

Xu Min slapped the table abruptly, and pointed his hand painted with Dankou sharply to where Mu Yingxue was standing: “Bold slave, this is the main hall, who allowed you to come in.”

Everyone was startled by Xu Min’s sudden anger, all eyes were on Mu Yingxue’s body, Ouyang Ruo instinctively grabbed Mu Yingxue’s hand and pulled her back.

Suddenly, there was no sound in the main hall, and no breathing was heard quietly. The way was broken by Aunt Fang’s sneer.

“Madam, you are wrong, she is not a slave, but our fourth lady.”

Xu Min pretended to examine: “Four girls?”

“is not that right?”

Xu Min frowned, then smiled like a flower and waved: “The daughter of the dignified mansion, how can she dress so shabby, come come, come here, mother.”

Mu Yingxue squeezed Ouyang Ruo’s hand, signaled that it was OK, and stepped forward: “I have seen my mother.”

“Tsk tusk tusk, look at how this dress is wrinkled, it looks like dried vegetables, and this bead flower is also carved out of wood?”

Every time I pointed out the same thing, the sneers below increased a little, especially Aunt Fang.

Xu Min didn’t stop them, smiled dignifiedly, took Mu Yingxue’s cold hand, pulled out the bead flower from her head, inserted it on Mu Yingxue’s head, and looked at it: “It’s much more beautiful like this, big girl. , You should be dressed beautifully.”

Before Mu Yingxue reached out, she pulled out the bead flower again and shook it in front of Mu Yingxue’s eyes: “Do you like it?”

Mu Yingxue’s nasty taste: “Like…”

The calculation flashed in Xu Min’s eyes, temptation: “Then let’s play a game, if you win, I will give it to you.”

Mu Yingxue hooked her lips: “What game?”

“Sapphire, go get my little bell.”

Little Bell is a curly-haired puppy raised by Xu Min and is given by the concubine Xian. Xu Min loves it very much. On weekdays, Lhasa has a special person to serve it.

Lan Yu came in with the puppy, Mu Yingxue’s gaze fell on the puppy, which was only a foot long, with a small bell hanging around her neck, and she was covered with snow-white hair wrapped in a small piece made by Sunan Embroidery. Quilted jacket with four calves exposed, and small cotton sleeves on the soles of the feet.

Passing by Mu Yingxue’s side, the dog felt as if he felt something, suddenly his whole body exploded, and it turned out to be barking fiercely at Mu Yingxue.

It’s really dogged, what kind of dog, what kind of master.

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