Chapter 5: Know who is the master now?

Seeing that Ranny Rong’s strength was weakening, Mu Yingxue grabbed Rong Rong’s hair and lifted her out of the water.

“Does it taste good?”

Mother Rong was so frightened that she had lost her life, and Mu Yingxue’s soul-stirring voice rang in her ears. The survival instinct made her want to escape.

“Want to run? It’s not that easy…”

Regardless of Mother Rong’s desperately shaking her head and begging for mercy, Mu Yingxue once again pressed her head in the pool, feeling that Mother Rong had only one last breath before lifting her up again.

Madam Rong’s face was pale, her mouth, nose and ears were constantly bubbling with water, her eyes moved slightly, and she glanced at Mu Yingxue’s cold face and her eyes were gray.

“Want to die? I will fulfill you, remember, in your next life, don’t offend me, and the people I care about, otherwise you will be worse off than death.”

With a fierce blow, Mu Yingxue threw Mother Rong’s body into the pool. The pool water soon submerged her, and she only struggled a few times before sinking.

Madam Xing witnessed Mu Yingxue’s vicious methods to kill Madam Rong with her own eyes. Mu Yingxue was more terrifying than the devil, and her face was frightened to death.

“The fourth lady is forgiving, the fourth lady is forgiving, the old slave will not dare anymore. The old slave has the old and the younger, please beg the fourth.”

Mu Yingxue remained unmoved: “Now that I know I am a young lady, are you a slave?”

“Miss, please spare the old slave’s life.”

Seeing Liu’er and Ouyang Ruo walking over with Madam Qiao, she hurriedly turned around and grabbed Ouyang Ruo’s skirt tightly: “Si Yiniang for my life, Si Yiniang, please beg Si Yiniang.”

Although Ouyang Ruo also felt that Rong Rong and the criminals were worthy of their crimes, he has now killed Rong Rong, in case it becomes a big trouble: “Ying’er, presumably the criminals can learn the lesson.”

Mu Yingxue remained unmoved: “The evil slave deceives the Lord, but it is a death penalty.”

His forehead slammed heavily on the stone slab: “I beg the fourth lady to show me a clear path.”

“If you want me to let you go, then tell me, why?”

The old lady is also an old man in the Hou Mansion. After spending so many years in the mansion, she still has some eyesight. She knows that Mu Yingxue is relieved: “In the future, the old slave will be the lady’s life. The old slave is willing to be the eyes of the lady , Miss’s ears have nothing to do with Aunt Song.”

Mu Yingxue curled her lips and smiled.

“For my mother’s sake, I won’t kill you today. If you let me find out that you are unruly, Mother Rong will be your family’s fate.”

“Know what to do next.”

“Old slave understands, old slave understands.”

Mu Yingxue and Liuer helped Ouyang Ruo and Mother Qiao to walk back, until she disappeared into the dark night and could no longer see, Mother Xing breathed a sigh of relief and discovered that her hair and clothes were wet with sweat. Through.

Back in the dilapidated courtyard, Ouyang Ruo and Madam Qiao had cleaned up for three more days. Liuer told them Mu Yingxue’s great news. Both of them were very excited. Madam Qiao even knocked on God for three days. A rattle.

“My poor Ying’er, I finally came to the end of my suffering.”

“God has eyes, God has eyes!”

In the face of Ouyang Ruo, Mu Yingxue also had a lot of emotions. The last time her mother died in order to save her, it has always been a wound in her heart. Although Ouyang Ruo doesn’t look like her mother, she can see the look in Ouyang Ruo See the strong maternal love.

“Mother, mother Qiao, I will definitely protect you from now on, and I will never let anyone bully you.”

After tossing for a whole day yesterday, Mu Yingxue slept until early in the morning and woke up. Liuer came in to take care of her. By the way, she went to the toilet in the middle of the night and she accidentally fell into the washing pool and drowned. I laughed, and didn’t say anything else.

Thinking more about what happened last night, Liu’er’s admiration for Mu Yingxue is like a torrential river, endless: “How can the young lady be so sure that the prisoner will not tell the truth?”

“Mr. Criminal is a wise person. Even if she said it, no one would believe it. On the contrary, she would lose her life. It was worse than Rong Rong’s death, so she dare not say.”

After folding the quilt, Liu’er brought water for Mu Yingxue to wash, and Mu Yingxue saw her face in the basin.

This face is simply a reduced version of her last life. Although it is still childish, it has the potential to harm the country and the people. It is just that the living conditions are not good, the facial features have not been fully developed, and the body has not developed, just like a malnutrition. Bean sprouts.

“Where is my mother?”

“Outside, just waiting for breakfast with the lady.”

“Then I will pass first.”

When I went out, I found that the snow had stopped, but the sky had not cleared up. As soon as Mu Yingxue walked to the door, she saw the steward Mu Wanfu and Xu Min’s personal maid Hongyu, and the maid Xiaomai filed in and went to the room. The things moved inside were all fine porcelain, jade, screens, mahogany tables, chairs and benches, and even the teapot for drinking water was replaced with purple sand.

Afterwards, people were asked to clean up the courtyard. The old windows and doors were replaced. Red lanterns were hung on the trees in the courtyard. The entire courtyard was completely renewed. It really felt like a refugee’s cave was transformed into a phoenix nest in seconds. Mu Yingxue was stunned. .

Until Hongyu nodded in satisfaction, Mu Wanfu left the yard with his men and horses. From beginning to end, no one had said hello to the owner of the yard, even if he didn’t even have a look, Mu Yingxue, Ouyang Ruo, Qiao Ma Mother and Liuer seemed to be transparent people.

It’s just that Hongyu said before leaving: “It’s the Chinese New Year. Madam will make two new clothes for the masters of the hospitals. After breakfast, the fourth lady will take the fourth lady to the front yard to measure the size. Remember to hurry up. If you let the lady wait for a long time. Now, take care of your skins, and these things are very valuable, don’t knock them.”

Mu Yingxue was puzzled: “Mother, where is this singing?”

Ouyang Ruo touched Mu Yingxue’s head affectionately, and she sighed: “Every time Master Hou is coming back, she is like this. After so many years, there is no new trick.”

Her cheap father is coming back for the New Year? In memory, Mu Yunxiao has not returned for several years.

After breakfast, Mu Yingxue and Ouyang Ruo went back to their respective rooms to change clothes. It took a long time to find a pair of clothes that could barely be worn. The other clothes were either wrinkled and unsightly, or too small to wear.

She is also the decent master of the Hou Mansion. Every season, she should have four sets of clothes, one set of jewelry, chair covers and headwear. No matter how she got here, she didn’t see one of her hair. No wonder Xu Min wanted to make them for her and her mother. What about the clothes, huh, if you want to swallow my things, you have to spit it out to me.

Along the way, Liu’er kept urging, fearing that he would be late and be punished by his wife. Their yard was the farthest from the front yard, so every time they came last, the wife would take the opportunity to make trouble.

The corner of Mu Yingxue’s mouth was barely audible. Some people would never be able to come. How could she be the latest.

“Don’t worry, we are definitely not the last.”

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