Chapter 4: Evil servant deceives the lord

When the two came to the laundry room, the door of the laundry room was closed tightly. There was a foot of snow piled up in front of the door. It seemed that no one had been in or out for a long time.

“Liu’er, knock on the door.”

Liu’er knocked on the door for a long time, and then an old mother wrapped in a quilt opened the door, holding a lantern and leaning against Liu’er’s face. After seeing Liu’er’s face clearly, she suddenly cursed.

“You **** girl, die, so late, what door knock?”

“Sister Xing, that’s the case. My aunt and grandma have not returned yet, so I will see if they are still here.”

While answering the words of the princess, the princess leaned in, trying to see if there was anyone in it, and realizing Liu’s behavior, the princess hurriedly pushed the person out, and said displeased: “You said They, they have left long ago. They need to find someone else to find someone else. Nothing.”

Then he closed the door with a touch, letting Liuer knock on the door and ignored it.

Liu Er’s face was crying: “Miss, what should I do now? Neither the aunt nor the grandmother went back, where did they go?”

Mu Yingxue released her perspective ability as early as Liu’er knocked on the door, concentrated her eyes, and the courtyard wall quickly became transparent, and everything in the laundry room was clearly visible.

In the corner of the laundry room, a woman in her thirties and a grandmother in her fifties are squatting on the edge of the laundry pool to wash clothes, their hands are red from the cold, and each finger is swollen like a radish. , The clothes beside him were piled up like a mountain, and it seemed that they threw all the clothes from other yards to Ouyang Ruo and Madam Qiao.

Mother Xing and the other Mother Rong were wrapped in quilts, drinking small wine and knocking sunflower seeds, sneers and sarcasm from time to time.

Mother Qiao was old, she squatted and washed clothes all day, her legs and feet were numb, her waist was stiff, and she wanted to stand up and move around, but she was seen by the criminal mother.

Madam Xing grabbed Madam Qiao’s clothes tightly and sternly scolded: “You are not dead, don’t you hurry up, so many clothes are not washed, so I want to be lazy, and see how I can clean you up.”

Seeing that Mother Qiao was struggling so hard, Mother Rong also threw away the quilt and rushed to fix Mother Qiao’s hands.

The prisoner loosened the front of the prisoner’s clothes with one hand and grabbed her collar. With the other hand, she held the head of the mother and pressed it into the washing pool. If Ouyang saw this, she also threw down her clothes and rushed. Going up, I want to pull the mother of torture away, but if Ouyang is weak and hasn’t dripped in for a whole day, how can she be the opponent of the torture of mother, when she pushed her arm, Ouyang Ruo was pushed away and she was about to fall. Go to the laundry pool.

The expected pain did not come. Ouyang Ruo opened his eyes and realized that he was actually pulled by someone at the last moment, and this person was not someone else, but Mu Yingxue who had entered over the wall.

Ouyang Ruo could hardly believe his eyes: “Ying’er, why are you?”

“Mother, are you okay?”

Ouyang Ruo hurriedly pushed Mu Yingxue to the door: “It’s okay, it’s okay, why are you here? Good, you go back soon, mother and mother will go back after washing the clothes.”

A mother Rong saw that it was Mu Yingxue, and she got up and threatened: “Oh, it turns out that Miss Silly is here. This laundry room is not a rag doll house. It would be terrible if the wounded touched him.”

Understanding Ouyang Ruo’s worries, Mu Yingxue pulled him to a safe place and comforted him: “It’s okay, mother, you go and open the door, Liu’er is outside.”


“Mother, believe me, I can protect myself and protect you.”

“My mother believes you.” Perhaps it was Mu Yingxue’s eyes that gave Ouyang Ruo too much affirmation. Ouyang Ruo really let go of Mu Yingxue and walked to the door.

Ouyang Ruo turned around, and Mu Yingxue’s eyes were as cold as ice instantly: “Let go of Mother Qiao.”

Seeing Mu Yingxue dressed in majesty and scrupulously reprimanding, the torture mother was also happy, and she smiled, showing a mouthful of yellow teeth, and Qiao’s head was only palm distance from the washing pool: “A fool, I really think of myself. Miss, I won’t let go, what can you do to me?”

Mu Yingxue secretly observed that Rong Rong and Xing Rong had constrained Qiao Qiao’s figure. If she didn’t pay attention, Qiao Qiao would fall into the washing pool. The old man was too old and the weather was so cold that the laundry surface would be hard. If it is iced, the consequences will be disastrous if it falls into the water.

If you can’t win with one move, you can only outsmart.

Mu Yingxue had a strategy as soon as she turned her beautiful eyes: “Old witch, let go quickly, otherwise don’t blame me for being polite.”

When Madam Xing and Madam Rong heard that Mu Yingxue called them old witches, their noses were crooked: “You little bitch, who do you scold?”

“Who is the old **** scolding?”

“The old **** scolds you.”

“So you are not only old witches, but also old slut.”

Knowing that they were being teased, the angry old faces of the two old witches were flushed and angrily.

“You fool, see if I won’t kill you.”

Madam Xun couldn’t stand the irritation, she loosened Madam Qiao’s hair and collar and wanted Mu Yingxue to rush over, but Madam Rong pressed Madam Qiao’s head into the pool.

Mu Yingxue kicked the wooden basin under Grandma Xun’s feet, and Grandma Xun fell to the ground with a plop, and the wooden basin was smashed by her heavy body.

Immediately after Mu Yingxue’s figure flashed, she came to Madam Rong’s back, grabbed Madam Rong’s bun with her five fingers, and pulled her hard. Madam Rong only had time to let out a scream, violently. In the pain, she could only leaned back. Mu Yingxue raised her long leg and kicked her back at Mother Rong’s back pain point, aligning Mother Rong’s teeth with the steps of the washing pool, and then shook her vigorously. With the scream of killing a pig, Mother Rong’s teeth were knocked off by the steps, and her four front teeth were knocked off. The bridge of her nose was broken, blood continued to gush out, and the steps were stained red instantly, and her body was immobile like a dead pig.

And Mother Qiao sat down in a safe place quickly pulled by Mu Yingxue.

“Oh, it hurts me…”

Mu Yingxue walked to the mother Xing Xing, her mouth raised a sneer: “Looking at your appearance, you often bully my aunt and Madam Qiao. Today I will ask you to return the original and profitable and let you taste it. It’s a wonderful taste.”

Mother Rong hummed twice, her teeth leaked, and she couldn’t utter accurate words at all, she could only shake her head desperately.

Without saying more, Mu Yingxue stretched her hand to Rong Rong’s hair, dragged her body to the washing pool, Rong Rong’s hand clasped the steps tightly, and wanted to resist, Mu Yingxue raised her. She slammed her foot on Mother Rong’s hand, and then squeezed it hard. Mother Rong’s finger bones were all broken, and she just wanted to scream, she was pushed into the washing pool by Mu Yingxue.

Mother Rong’s screams were swallowed up by the cold water, and only the gurgling sound remained, changing two slumping arms tossing in the water.

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