Chapter 3: Maid Liuer

Mu Yingxue was in a daze when she felt a hand reaching her forehead, and then slowly moved to her neck.

Walking on the edge of life and death all the year round makes her body’s response better than her brain. Mu Yingxue shot her hand like electricity, clasped that hand tightly, her whole body bounced off the bed, and the other hand fixed the person’s shoulder, and then took advantage of the situation. Twist, the person has been completely subdued by her.

After holding her throat with her backhand, Mu Yingxue could see that she was holding a maid who was about the same age as her. At this moment, the maid was staring, looking at herself in horror, grinning with pain, and tears falling down. .

“Pain, pain, miss…”

Only then did Mu Yingxue remember that she was no longer the Mu Yingxue of her previous life, but came to a place called Apocalypse Continent, and the person in front of her was the maid Liuer who had been taking care of her. Mu Yingxue was five years old. The fever burned his brain, so Ouyang Ruo bought a little maid to watch her specifically.

She suddenly touched the back of her head and found that the wound had been treated. She was clearly in the back mountain garden. How could she wake up in the room? She hadn’t forgotten that evil man with a silver mask, thinking that she had fainted during the fight, Mu Yingxue secretly gritted her teeth.

“Liu’er, why am I in bed?”

Liu Er was frightened by Mu Yingxue, and hurriedly said, “I found the lady in the yard, and I couldn’t wake up, so I helped the lady onto the bed and just wanted to wipe her face…”

Thinking of Mu Yingxue’s shocking eyes and fierce movements just now, Liu’er still had lingering fears, stepped aside and dared not speak.

Could it be that man sent her back? Also helped her deal with the wound? How could this be possible? She didn’t receive any information about the man in her memory. How could that man know his identity and sent her back kindly?

“Then did you deal with my wound?”

“What? Miss is injured? Where is it? Let me see if it is serious? I’ll call my aunt and grandma back.”

Liuer heard that Mu Yingxue was injured, and suddenly forgot the fear he had just now, and was very anxious.

Mu Yingxue stretched out her hand and pulled Liuer back: “I’m fine, but I fell and had a headache. Don’t tell my mother, she will be worried.”

“Don’t worry, Miss, Liu Er won’t say anything, Miss is hungry, I’ll get you some food.”

Mu Yingxue was indeed hungry, eating a little fast, but she felt the hot sight Liu Er cast on her body, but she couldn’t eat it.

“Liu’er, if you are hungry, sit down and we will eat together.”

Liuer waved his hands again and again: “No, no, Liuer is not hungry.”

“You’re not hungry, then why are you staring at me? I am ugly?”

“No, I just think Miss today seems to be different from before, not like before…”

“Not as stupid as before?”

“Liu’er didn’t mean that.”

Liu’er is one year younger than Mu Yingxue. He looks lovely, big eyes, small nose, fleshy face, and a very anxious look. People can’t help but want to tease her: “Yes, Liuer , I’m not stupid, I went out and fell, and I smashed my mind.”

Liuer was surprised: “Really?”

“Of course it is true. If you don’t believe me, you can try it. After I fell, I saw an old fairy. He said that I was lucky and fell on a fairy stone. I couldn’t help but smashed my mind and turned it into Master of martial arts, here, it’s the stone in the yard. Pick it up and hit it on your head to be smart.”

Liu’er listened very seriously. Although she found it unbelievable, it was the only explanation for Mu Yingxue’s sudden change: “It turns out that, if Liu’er is not so familiar with you, she must have thought that the lady was playing with me.”

Mu Yingxue was embarrassed: “In fact, I am really teasing you.”

The atmosphere was relaxed and enlivened, and Liu’er quickly talked about Muhou’s affairs in a crackling manner. Although they were not very organized, Mu Yingxue had sorted out a lot of things.

Mu Yunxiao was not only the only Hou with a different surname in the Xuanyuan Dynasty, but also a great general who held a million troops.

Mu Yingxue is Mu Yunxiao’s fourth daughter. Although she is a concubine, she is a bit more noble than ordinary official concubines, but everyone knows that there is no shortage of daughters in Muhou Mansion, especially a fool with only five years of intelligence. Daughter, therefore, Mu Yingxue has never enjoyed the glory and dignity of being a daughter of the Hou Mansion. Instead, she has lived a life of beating, scolding, and humiliating. If it were not for Ouyang Ruo’s protection, Mu Yingxue would not survive now, Ouyang Ruo Because of this, he couldn’t hold his head up, was in a low position in the mansion, and was often bullied by people in other courtyards.

Mu Xiangqin is the third daughter of Mu Yunxiao. Although she is also a concubine, she is highly valued because of her good looks. In the eyes of everyone, Mu Xiangqin is a noble daughter of the Hou Palace, and Mu Yingxue is a lowly mentally retarded idiot. Mu Yingxue’s lowliness set off her nobleness, so Mu Xiangqin always took pleasure in bullying Mu Yingxue, but Mu Xiangqin had gone to hell, and she had to make amends for Mu Yingxue who was killed by her.

Except for Mu Xiangqin and Mu Yingxue, the second young master Mu Ziluo and the fifth miss Mu Shuilan in the mansion were from the main house Xu Min, the sixth miss Mu Yueli was from Aunt Fang, and the seventh miss Mu Feiyan was from Aunt Qin. The eighth Miss was born by Auntie Hua, and Miss Nine’s biological mother was a water-pouring maid, and died in childbirth.

After hearing Liu’er’s words, Mu Yingxue almost squirted out the rice. No wonder Muhou Mansion never lacked daughters. He had nine heirs but only one male. This chance is also amazing.

“Why is there only the second young master, there should be a child before the second young master.”

“This slave is not clear, so I turned to ask grandma, she should know.”

It was very dark in winter. Seeing that the snow was getting bigger and bigger, Liuer had gone back and forth at the gate of the courtyard many times, but still did not see Ouyang Ruo and Madam Qiao, she couldn’t help worrying, thinking about it, and told After Mu Yingxue, there seemed to be a voice telling her that the young lady would definitely be able to make up his mind.

“Has it happened before?”

“No, my aunt and grandma had already returned at this time.”

“When did they go?”

“Grandma went to the laundry room to wash the clothes early in the morning, and the grandma did not come back after lunch, so my aunt went to look for her. It was dark and none of them came back…”

Mu Yingxue thought slightly: “Find me a dress, let’s go and see it.”

Liuer found Mu Yingxue a white cotton-padded jacket, held up the oil paper umbrella, carried the lantern and walked to the laundry room.

The sky was over, and the heavy snow like feathers fell violently. There was no one on the road, only the lanterns in front of the courtyards were emitting dim light.

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